Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. Sure, I'll post pics when it comes back to me in 4 weeks. Just got the price quote, which might help someone who has a bag in need of severe repair:
    $100 for clochette
    $130 for restitching on the tops
    $162 for cleaning/repair to seam

    So $392 to repair the bag, which I didn't think was that bad.

    Mine has more "hidden" problems--mainly some cracks on the interior of the top flap--but they assured me they would do the best they can with the drier portions of the leather. Cross your fingers!

    If it comes back to me in 4 weeks, all told it will be 10 weeks from drop off to return. I'm not in the least bit anxious...HA.
  2. Hi,

    I just bought a 35 swift birkin, and my son was accidentlly sticking his sticker on the corner of my bags. When i tried to pull the sticker (maybe i pulled too hard), the top layer of the leather peeled off and i can see the top layer color was on the sticker, now the corner of my birkin have a big scuff.

    Can anyone with more experience help me, whether hermes spa can fix this, and come back like new? And how much this will cost me?

  3. They probably can fix it, or at least make it look better. Hermes dyed the corners of one bag I had which was box calf and it looks great. You can take it into your local store and they will give you an estimate, or that store will send the bag off to a store with a craftsperson and call you with an estimate. The price will depend on where you are. I just had one bag with slight corner damage (togo) and the charge to fix was 100 US including conditioning the whole bag.
  4. Thanks for ur i can sleep better :smile:
  5. Good Morning,
    I have an interesting situation, I have a very old Hermes bag, that was given to me back in the 80's by a celebrity (my grand-aunt worked for the celeb and spouse).
    But, (there is ALWAYS a but huh?) after doing a little research, I can't find ANYTHING to say I have a genuine bag!?!?!?
    It's an absolutly beautifulllllll navy blue bag with two handles at the top, and then a detachable strap, ultra soft leather--- like butta, heavy gold hardware that is not "brassy" looking, it has a H in a circle in the bottom right corner, but the bag dosen't say "Hermes" or paris AT ALL. It's only marking is a very small, very tattered tag inside that says "Industria Argentina" running top to bottom on the tag, then (usual left to right) "Cuero Vaca" then under that is a printed "ART." and in hand written red ink what looks like 1C48, could be 1L48, hard to tell. The inside pocket has a broken zipper so no tab to tell.
    This was given to me as a pre-teen to tote my teen beat magazine, my flowers in the atic paperback, a bottle of Love's baby soft and a fist full of flavored chapstik's and lip balms to return home from out of state. I didn't know back then that there were "brand names" for anything other than Jordash jeans, But I tell you it did start a lifetime LOVE for handbags!

    Then sometime around the mid 90's, my (grand)Aunt said it was from the early 50's and given to the celeb by the motion picture studio as a signing gift. Told me the history of it, (or a cute story anyway) anyone, have any ideas how to do some homework on it?!
    It has some slight damage now, but for years I didn't know it was anything "special", as a matter of fact all through 3 years of Jr. High School it was my "pencil pouch". It is absolutly amazing that this bag is intact at ALL, but it is in really decent shape, especially if it is close to 60 years old. Can you imagine just giving away an expensive bag to a little girl visiting her aunt who works fer ya'. I was such a "kid" she offered me the dust jacket and I told her, "oh, no thanks, I don't think I need it" and she chuckled and said "Well, it should really stay with the bag" and I said, "that's alright, I have a feather duster at home, I can take care of the dust myself" and she laughed and laughed.
  6. went to Hermes here in HK and they say it would take about 3 months before I can get my Kelly 35 back which is a bit worse for wear so I have decided to have it done when we get repatriate back to Europe next year.
  7. Yes, it can get expensive here and there. That's why I would not use it as a workhorse. It actually devalues the bag even with the slightest markings on the corners etc. But the service at Hermes is pretty good.
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  8. in hong kong some repair shop can change color of the bag for us $200
  9. Really??? You can change the colour of the bag??? Do H do this too? What are the results like?
  10. Please do not do this to Hermes bags.
  11. ShopGirl, I appreciate what you're saying here. Well cared for bags do retain their resale vale. That's a fact. It depends on the owner's objective. To own and resell, and then repeat the process again ... I guess more care would be needed.

    But for most of us who use our H bags with great ease, and little care, and not to baby our bags too much (that, by the way, is the only way to truly enjoy the ownership of a H bag), ... sustaining corner wear is not uncommon.
  12. ^ ITA

    I love my bags, I use my bags, and if/when they require attention, I take them to Hermes for service.
  13. I just brought a Trim I bought for my mother when I was 16 (I recall it was $325 back then!!) to Claude in NY and they are refurbishing it for $125 though it really needed very little except that the gold hardware had worn off. Funny but Claude said he knew me somehow though he didnt look familiar to me...then we figured out that I had lived in his building off of Sutton Place more than 6 years ago! If only I had know he worked at H I would have "worked" that angle more to get a discount LOL
  14. I inherited a vintage Kelly that has some damage. Do you think that if I take it to H they can repair it.
  15. Its definitely worth taking in to Hermes for spa treatment ($125). They cannot fix the cracked leather but they will make it look a whole lot better.