Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. ^^^ Best bet is to take it in and ask their advice
  2. Hi z-girl, I'm kinda in the same situation as you with a 60's Kelly that received an unprofessional polish. Can you give me the name of the person in Paris that you spoke with?
  3. Hi all,

    Cleaning and general maintenance of the bags wasn't a problem at Hermes.

    I understand that you need to be very specific what you wanted them to do. I had my Birkin cleaned inside cause i spilled something inside. The leather became icky and sticky. The good people of Hermescleaned up the mess and restored it to almost as new.
  4. Sorry to hear that:sad:... In 2006, I had my kelly bag refurbished for less than $200.
    I just brought it to H NYC.
  5. I´m wondering what´s the policy when you don´t have a store in your country, like me. Should I call to France etc?
  6. Nola, you just walk into the nearest store (if you can, otherwise call them before and send it) and hand it in for refurbishment. No problem whatsoever.
    On second thought, since most European countries don't have a craftsman in residence and the bags go to France anyway, you might as well call France directly.
  7. Thank you Hello. You are always so helpful:flowers:
  8. General cleaning is easy. Cracked leather is too far gone for repair, according to Claude. Keep it creamed so it does not get to that stage. I asked Claude last week what he recommended and he said a good neutral cream polish---not a wax. He has also told me that the edging down the Birkin that is scuffed and abraded cannot be fixed. However, I never asked Claude about sending the bags to Paris.
  9. Hi--If you get a chance, can you please let me know what you decided to do with your vintage bag? I recently had one of my vintage Kelly bags refurbished by Hermes (for $100) and, while it looks shinier, they were not able to "work miracles" (since some of the leather is really dry).

    I have two more vintage bags that need work--one of them has a discolored handle and both have multiple signs of wear. I found a site on-line called that seems very professional. (They have some impressive before and after shots of handbags that they have refurbished). I am tempted to try them, but they quoted me a price of $250-$350 per bag! (For that price, the sales associate said that they would most likely be able to return the bag to 90% "new" condition.) I want the bag to look great, but I do not want Hermes to refuse to work on the bag in the future should I use Hallak now. On the other hand, I don't want to send my bags to Hermes again, wait 3 months, and have the bag returned looking cleaner but not really "like new". Any advice? Perhaps I should send them to Hermes and say that I want to go beyond just a "cleaning"?

    Also, does anyone have any photos of "before" and "after" an Hermes spa treatment?

    Thanks so much!
  10. Just picked up my vintage HAC in Vache Ardennes. They did an amazing refurbishment. It was quite beaten up with white scuffs (from walls?) and scratches. Now it looks like an amazing vintage bag with the perfect patina. It cost $200 and took about 8 weeks at Madison Avenue. They even polished the hardware.
  11. Just got back from restoring a vintage Kelly bag in black box leather.
    Since the whole body was perfect, I asked them to make a new handle, and new straps( keeping the original hardware).
    They did a fabulous job !
    It took about two monts and $1500. Worth every penny.

    I have now a fabulous vintage Kelly bag that looks "frozen in time", due to the new handle and straps...
  12. I just got a clarification on the repair policy from the King of Prussia Hermes store. I'm going to bring in a (woefully aged) Kelly and hope for the best.

    She said that as long as it was regular leather (which it is), any bag can be brought in for repair. If it is an exotic skin (e.g., ostrich) it must have its accompanying paperwork IF it is shipped to Paris--for something in NYC, no paperwork required.

    I also asked if she would repair it based upon its Bonwit Teller stamp. She said absolutely.

    Hope that helps someone!

  13. FF,

    Can we see the "before and after" pix of your kelly when it returns?
    I would like to bring mine in since Blackrock really darkens the scratches and rubbed corners. Phew..dont know how much that will cost and whether it would be a "miracle"...

  14. OMG, ouch, so sorry for your experience, my peko. My SA accompanies me to Claude -- she says its a learning experience for her too. . .

    Spa can take a long time. I have brought everything in, no problem. But there are times when they recommend a piece be replaced rather than repaired, for example, handle frays etc. . . and that does add up. For example, handle on a kelly 450 and up; canvas strap replaced, I think 100, tirette, 100, sanglers (sp?) 395, so take all that into consideration. . . you could also bring the bag and your friend into the store to ask for an estimate before you take it off her hands. . . There is also the vintage leather thread on tpf - docride's thread that you might want to check out.
  15. Hermes repair can work wonders. My sister took a "vintage" (that's code for an ancient, dried out yet mildewed, yucky, beyond hope) Kelly to Claude a few years back. It took forever, she almost forgot about it. But it was truly like a new bag.

    This was not a spa treatment. It was sent in as a repair and refurbish. More, I think than they would do as spa.

    It was a few years ago and took a long time. I remember it costing a fair bit. Not quite an arm and a leg, but at least an arm.

    I love seeing the old beauties restored. Good liuck.