Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

  1. Nope, interior maintenance is not part of their spa process. :tdown:
  2. Thanks lala28! thats so sad to know.. :sad:
  3. I had sent in a bag for spa and there was mould on the inside. I have yet to receive the bag and I'm still waiting anxiously for it's return as I am not sure what extend of repair the craftsman can do with it. Not to mention, the many months of waiting does make me nervous as I have asked if they were able to do it and there was no definite answer given by the SA. I'm just crossing my fingers and toes for it. I shall update on the result of it when I get to see it.
  4. Oh dear how long have u been waiting already? by the way why was there mould in ur bag? Was it bcos u didnt use it for a very long time?
  5. Hi there, i bought a b30. Blue jean and it needes to be polished so my. Friend helped me bring the bag to paris. Sadly they asked for receipt and my friend tried to explain to them that this bag was bought from someone elsee. They refused to repair the bag for me. I dont know why. Anyone has similar experience? Thanks
  6. As I know it depends on the shop policy, if they doubt about the authenticity, they will ask for receipt.
  7. Hi i have birkin 35 clemence bougainville, but why the hardware turn tarnish, does any one know the place that i can fix it? i bought it from the reseller so do you guys think the H boutique will do it for me?
  8. Sorry, this is actually not the case. I've never been asked for a receipt when taking a bag for service, in several Hermes shops. This is also not what they do regarding authenticity.
  9. Hi, my name is Leticia and im from Brazil... I own from my mother a vintage kelly bag, with the X serial number, but infotunally the bag is in a poor state... In Setember im gonna live in paris for 3 months to study French and i would like to know if have some ''restoration'' service to my bag. And how long i have to wait and if have some price that i need pay. Thank you for your time. Best Regards.
  10. I have been waiting for 3 months but I guess I will have shown more patience if they were more clear with whether the craftsperson being present or not.. their communication is utterly confusing.

    The mould was also partly due to the humidity as well. :push:

    Sigh~ Now I just hope that after waiting for so long, the bag is well refurbished as I believe no customer will appreciate being hung around for so long and paying a few hundred dollar to be told that they are not able to help with it. :nogood:
  11. ic u brgt it to which SG Hermes store? Did u call them again to check status?
  12. I have never heard of this policy with regards to requesting receipts for spa to verify authenticity, in any Hermes boutique I've been to over the years.
  13. I brought it to Liat Towers and I was just told that the lady will be back in a week and it be another month of waiting for me. :sweatdrop:
  14. icic... btw is the craftslady only based in Liat towers? did they inspect ur bag b4 they accepted it for spa? Thks!!
  15. It is so in my local stores. For years.