Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. I can’t say for certainty, I can only share my personal experience that I have been provided with a new dustbag after repairs or spa.
  2. Just left one bag for repair in Germany, normal cleaning and reglazing, the SA quoted 6 months...i had done it once even back in aisa it took only 3-4 months, what's all your eta??
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  3. It all depends on the workload and extent of work to be done. Some needs to be shipped to Paris hence it takes longer or if an inhouse artisan is available. ETA varies idefinitely.
  4. Hi there, I'm a newbie to Hermes and somehow scuffed the edge of my Evie (clemence leather) :sad: :sad:. Help!!!
    Is it possible to be repaired at all?!! I'm in Melbourne, Australia.

    I read somewhere that Hermes can do repairs. Does it matter that the bag was a gift and therefore it won't have a record of the bag purchase on their system? (If Hermes repair is possible, does anyone know how much it may cost me?)


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  5. I had scuffs like these on the corners of my Evie. They improved after sending it to the Hermes spa, but were not completely gone. I believe it cost about US$250.
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  6. Doesn’t matter where the bag was purchased or if it was a gift - Hermés will repair it for you.
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  7. There is an extensive thread on spa please do a search and ask questions there. In short, some does and most don’t, you should contact your local boutique to find out details and if receipt is needed. Good luck.

  8. Hi everyone,

    has anyone experience with color loss on other areas than bottom corners? I am looking into a vintage box bag that has vertical color loss on the sides and potentially some on the body due to deeper scratches. Would Hermes recolor those areas as well?

  9. I have a Kelly and Birkin I wish to 'spa'. Nothing is really wrong with it, but after 9 years, the leather I think needs a rejuvenation as its stretched. Anyone with experience? Should I send to Hong Kong or Paris for repairs? I am in Paris in Jan 2020, and thought if I give to Hong Kong/China/Singapore store, it would be ready to pick up in Jan in Paris? Does anyone know if its less expensive to drop off in Paris, China, HK or Singapore? Will it be ready by Jan 2020 if I drop off now?

    I purchased both in the Paris FSH store. Thanks ladies!
  10. Just after anyone's experience - do you think the below photo (vintage Kelly with courchevel leather) could be restored/fixed?

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  11. I have had scuffs on the sides recolored. Like all recoloring on areas that see wear, it is polish that eventually wears off. I'm fairly sure H would recolor a scuff anywhere that was so deep it showed color loss.

    That corner will never be the same, but it can be smoothed and polished over. Depending on how much you use the bag, the repair could last a while.
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  12. hI everyone! Can anyone tell me how much does Hermes charge to repair a loose turn lock ? Thank you so much!!!
  13. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a preloved (14 years old) B35 for a good price but it will need some refurbishment due to some scratches, wear on the corners (including a small hole), and darkened handles. My plan is to take it to the NY Madison spa for repair. Does Hermes use filler or graft leather to fix holes? I know Hermes does not clean the handles and I will have to have it replaced, does anyone have the current pricing for that? Also, does the spa fix the structure of the bag? Thanks!
  14. Can these 2 small leather pricks be repaired by H spa?

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  15. Hi everybody! I just purchased this B35 (Togo) in good condition at a crazy price. But it has a burn () underneath, apparently due to being placed very briefly on a hot floor lamp. I have the opportunity to send it back, but I was wondering if there’s any chance a spa can fix this? Many thanks for any help!

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