Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. I live in OC & today I dropped off my Birkin , how long did it take ?
  2. A35B9210-8651-4969-A96B-03051A0E9653.jpeg My bolide got a deep scratch during travel. I then sent my baby to H spa and I just got it back home after waiting for 2 months. Here is a before and after picture FYI. My bolide is now clean and fresh.
  3. I purchased a Victoria II used, and after about a year of use, it really started to show wear. It's a 2006 bag. I bought it from a consignment shop, and my guess is they had something done to it locally to make it look good. If I sent it to Hermès to refurbish it, will they reject it because work was done on it elsewhere?

    I'm wondering if I should just take it someplace locally or to the Hermès boutique.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. As long as you are confident it is genuine, there is no harm trying Hermes first.
    If Hermes rejects it you can then try an independent refurbisher.
  5. Take it To Hermès - it can't hurt. They don't reject every bag touched by other hands, mainly dyeing and stitching, etc., that is apparent. Your bag may never have had "work done" (LOL). If H refuses to service, ask why and you will learn something about your bag :flowers:
  6. Do be reminded that if the item is found to be a counterfeit, it will not be returned and destroyed instead. I guess it's the same policy for all H refurbishment worlwide. It clearly states on the receipt and you have to sign for it. I do recommend you bring it in for the staff to inspect and advice what could be done nonetheless. Good luck!
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  7. Hello I want to give my victoria bag to the spa for a little refreshing (only edges) do anyone have any Information how long it would take around ? Many thanks and best wishes from Germany
  8. The leather strap part broke off one of my Barenia horse hair tassels :sad: Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know if H would repair it for me? :oh: I don't live near a boutique anymore so I thought I'd check here first before I try with them....
  9. Don't get you
    Any pic?
  10. At least 3mths depending where your bag is send to
  11. Many thanks
  12. If you send it to a store with a craftsperson, it might be something he or she could fix fairly quickly.
  13. :smartass: K - I'll call :smile: thanks
  14. Hi guys,

    I am about to buy a bag on vestaire collective for a very good deal. But the conners are really worn out. Please does anyone know if hermes can refurbish this or repair this? I am kind of new to hermes and dont know much about repairs. I am in England. Thanks guys
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