Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. Thanks for your reply! Did they give you a time frame for completion?
  2. It depends. If your store has a craftsperson, it may get done right there and only take a few weeks. If it has to get sent to another city, that will add time. If it has to go to Paris, more time. The last time I had a general cleaning type spa job done, it took only about two months; my bag had been sent to SF for the work, even though NYC is very close.
  3. Thank you so much for the information! I don't have a store near me unfortunately, but I will be in D.C in the spring so hopefully they can send it out for me.
  4. Nope, they just said it would take a while... turned out to be 4 months.
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  5. I just sent my bag to spa in SF and they mentioned their craftsman is the only one serving the entire country. I didn't question it but I was confused... isn't there a craftsman in NYC? Do they divide up by the type of work?
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    Iirc the nyc guy retired or left a few years ago ?

    But that was for repairs as well , most spa can be done at Beverley Hills .

    Major repairs went back to Paris .

    Scp send out to a place in mission viejo or Laguna Niguel or somewhere around here for spa .

    Can’t remember , memory is vague .

    I have had a bag sent back to Paris to be taken apart then totally stitched-up again , and that was an experience !!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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  7. Oh wow, thanks for the info! No wonder I was told it would be 3 months for cleaning/simple corner repair... they must be BUSY!
  8. There are two craftspeople at Madison, Edouard and someone else I have not met. They can do very advanced repairs.
    There are also two at Beverly Hills.
    Some repairs go back to Paris not because of a lack of artisan skills but because the leather or parts needed are there.
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  9. Hey everyone,

    I’m looking to purchase a vintage Kelly but it needs extensive repair work. Can I send this direct to Paris as I unfortunately live no where near an Hermes store.

    Thanks in advance
  10. You cannot ship it. You will have to bring it to an Hermès boutique, and they may send it to Paris from there after the intake procedure is complete. However, not that if it is too damaged or fragile, or if it was altered by a non-Hermès craftsman, they will not accept it for repair.
    If there is no boutique near you, perhaps you can bring it with you on your next trip to a city that does have a boutique.
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  11. Yes only if you're in Paris
    Personally with the item
    Since you have no home store
  12. Not true

    Nora and Marie in LA
    Edouard and i think also Marie in NYC
    I think there is one other store at least besides SF with after-care center
    SF is famous for thinking they're the best ;)
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  13. 42420B54-2147-495E-9C69-E68875E9DDBD.jpeg Does anyone know if the zipper pull of the inside pocket of a birkin can be replaced?
    The one I’m interested in has a small area of what looks like rust? Has anyone seen this before? All the other hardware is normal apart from some scratches.
    Thank you!
  14. I am definitely no expert so please don’t take this as gospel, but when the palladium plating started to wear off on my Kelly underneath was brass. I don’t think brass rusts like that. Mine was the touret so may be a different material to the zip pull (in fact thinking about it it probably is) but I’d definitely get this authenticated before purchase. I think Hermes although they won’t clean/ repair interiors will probably replace zippers, restitch pockets etc if required though.
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  15. Thank you for your reply and the information, I appreciate it! ☺️ I will definitely be getting it authenticated. I just wasn’t sure if this was something that can occur with the hardware as I’ve never seen it before.