Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. It depends on the extend of repair and quota (assuming your local store has in house artisan). General cleaning and corner touchup shouldn't take too long.
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  2. EE61AD62-C97A-4255-A2F6-1E77F5F343A1.jpeg Hi all, I just found a big scratch on my Ardennes leather bolide, does anyone know if this is repairable by spa? Tks
  3. Many things are possible.
    If you take it along and ask. I doubt it would be accepted if it were not possible.
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  4. I am currently based in Hong Kong and have recently sent my Kelly to the local boutique for repair/refurbishment. This took about 4 months to complete and cost approx US$1000 (general cleaning and various other repairs such as stiching etc). When I collected and paid for the bag, I realised there are no records on the receipt listing all the work that has been done. The SA has informed me verbally what was done and the respective price but nothing in writing. Is this normal? It would be nice to have a record of this as it helps me remember what type of repair has been done on the bag. I called the boutique again to request for this but the SA told me she would have to check with her colleagues on whether it is possible to give such information. I am still waiting for their response.

    I would like to hear if any of you have similar experience.

    In addition, I also note that many have asked whether Hermes will do a hardware replacement. In my case, I have repeatedly asked for it to be replaced (due to scratches etc as the bag is almost 20 years old) but they have refused to do so. After spa, the leather is looking pristine but unfortunately there are still visible scratches on the hardware.
  5. If more than a spa, you normally get a priced quotation for repair work so that you accept and give your authorization, so you should check back for any communication from a few months ago.
  6. I brought a CDC to see if they could glue down the leather since it has a bubble effect when laid flat. I know, why lay it flat?
    Anyways, they said it is Tadelakt and sent it to Paris. Paris said that is normal wear for that type of leather. They wanted to spa the bracelet for $350. I agreed to it, but now thinking, I should have just sold it. I didn’t like this CDC that much!
    I haven’t received it back. It’s been about a month. I anticipate 3-4 months.
  7. Hi members,

    I purchased a toolbox on 26 Oct 2018 and the strap hardware fell apart. Do you girls/guys have any experience in getting it fixed? Would it be under warranty if there is such a thing? I purchased it in Paris but I live in Hong Kong.

    TIA IMG_6796.JPG
  8. Looks like you can screw it back in. Have you tried? If doesn’t work then bring back to store
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  9. @ahhgoo

    I screwed it back manually and it feels different than before. It also started unscrewing itself within a day...
  10. @ahhgoo

    I screwed it back manually and it feels different than before. It also started unscrewing itself within a day...
  11. Please bring back to the store
    Show them your receipt
    Regardless where you purchase
    Hermes should warrant it qualities and workmanship worldwide

    When I pay premium I expect no nonsense
  12. Bring it back to the store. You shouldn’t have to fix this yourself a month after purchase. Also, I would assume that it needs to be screwed back up tighter than you can get it at home.
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  13. Does anyone know roughly how long just a general cleaning/conditioning spa service takes?
    No repairs etc are needed I just wanted to get the leather conditioned.
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  14. It was free for my C24, cleaning inside and out, or at least I was told so.
  15. It maybe could have had some Loktite or similar “thread-locker” on it , and this didn’t ”take” properly .
    New , I’d take it to a store that does in-store repairs .
    Old , I’d repair it myself .