Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

  1. Yes, that bag. Do you think they'll offer to touch up the corners gratis? The color completely lifted in those area. Will I have to leave it there?
  2. No they will not touch it up gratis. And you will have to leave it.
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    Sorry I didn't see this. Yes as audreylita stated you will need to leave it and it will be a few hundred dollars and at least three weeks to 12 weeks before getting your bag back as the NYC store is always backed up since they handle the hermes tristate repairs. Also you should know that the repair girl will probably tell you that your bag looks way too new and will/could deny the repair. They generally say to wait for more substantial wear to occur before bringing your bag into the spa. The people there are awesome but they do want people to not run to the spa for every scrape or bump because the craftsman are very backed up with repairs/ spa jobs. Lastly the summertime and holidays are the worse times to send bags in because the craftsman are on holiday during this time making things get more backed up and even longer wait time to get your bag back.