Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

  1. Yes, that bag. Do you think they'll offer to touch up the corners gratis? The color completely lifted in those area. Will I have to leave it there?
  2. No they will not touch it up gratis. And you will have to leave it.
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    Sorry I didn't see this. Yes as audreylita stated you will need to leave it and it will be a few hundred dollars and at least three weeks to 12 weeks before getting your bag back as the NYC store is always backed up since they handle the hermes tristate repairs. Also you should know that the repair girl will probably tell you that your bag looks way too new and will/could deny the repair. They generally say to wait for more substantial wear to occur before bringing your bag into the spa. The people there are awesome but they do want people to not run to the spa for every scrape or bump because the craftsman are very backed up with repairs/ spa jobs. Lastly the summertime and holidays are the worse times to send bags in because the craftsman are on holiday during this time making things get more backed up and even longer wait time to get your bag back.
  4. Hi Everyone,
    I dropped my Herbag off at Hermes in Toronto at the beginning of March for cleaning, and it was to be sent to Paris. On March 8 I received a cost estimate and was told that it would be about 11 weeks before I received it back (8 weeks for the service and 3 weeks delivery to Toronto). It has now been over 16 weeks and no sign or work on when my bag is coming back. When I emailed my SA asking for an update, all she said was that they don't have it yet and that she would contact me when they receive it. I'm starting to get worried and really anxious. Has anyone ever experienced this before?
  5. I'm sorry to say that stores can't always estimate Paris repair time correctly. I was quoted three months for a blanket repair and it took six. I would not worry that your bag is lost or anything else, though - H just moves slow sometimes! Keep asking, too, because, at least with my blanket, Paris alerted my store when it was sent back.
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  6. I dropped off a friend's 2002 B40 that was really beat up. Here is the spa pricing for items needed on her bag.the referenced cuts on the handles resulted from her then puppy getting a hold of it.

    Spa treatment $330
    Re-Stitch Inside Pocket Only $45
    New Hardware $530
    Gussets $145.
    Also the Crafts team recommend replacement of handles, there are cuts on the handles that they can attempt to repair - without guarantee, but ultimately they would recommend replacing the handles, which would be $1375.
  7. Hi all. My bag is due for a spa and am taking her in just before Aussie summer starts. But i just wanted to see has anyone had a "peel" of leather repaired successfully before? I am not sure how it happened maybe a piece of my jewellery scratched it and sliced the surface of the leather. barely noticable and i am now using a twilly until off for repair. But a little bit of extra reassurance that its repairable would be lovely! I showed my SA she seems to think repairable in SPA but wont know until its sent off
  8. image.jpeg Hi everyone, hoping for some reassurance I guess, apologies if this is the wrong place!
    I purchased a black Togo b35 a couple of weeks ago, 2010 in fantastic condition at a great (way below retail) price from a shop I have used several times and trust implicitly.
    I have just one concern regarding the bag and I'm not sure whether to take it into H or not at the moment.
    When you open the bag indoors or even outside it looks more or less perfect inside. However if you fold the inside further outwards in bright light it shows a slightly pink iridescent sheen on the lining.
    It's not something that bothers me in use as I wouldn't normally see it, but I'm a little concerned as to why it's there. It's almost like someone cleaned the inside with something they shouldn't have.
    I was concerned that it may have been recoloured, but the shop I bought it from has assured me they got it from a regular and trusted client that has owned it from new and not done anything to it. They have also told me that if H refused to service the bag at any point in the future they would refund my money.
    I could take it to H now but I really want this bag for winter use and I know that Hermes won't touch the lining anyway so it would be several hours travel, lots of hassle and expense and months without a bag that looks pretty much perfect externally (although very slouchy which is exactly what I wanted). I know I could also return it for a full refund at the moment but there is nothing I have seen at this price that doesn't have far more issues than this one and I love it so really really don't want to do that!
    It's really hard to photograph what I mean as it doesn't even show up under flash but this picture is in bright sunlight.
    Does anyone have a black lining that looks like this? Should I worry and take it straight in, or wait and do it in the spring?
  9. I don't think the issue really shows up in the photo unfortunately. I think you might need to decide if you can live with the bag as is or not since H won't clean the inside anyway the color issue will probably stay the same regardless of whether you take it to the spa. Since chèvre is not super sensitive to water, you could try lightly moistening a soft cloth and lightly running it over the area of concern to see if the pink iridescent color comes off at all. It shouldn't damage the leather as long as you are very gentle and you might see if there is a coating there or not.
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  10. I do see the faint pink that you are talking about. My black togo B does not have this on the interior. I am wondering if it is just light somehow reflecting off the sheen of the leather? IDK but if it doesn't have any smells and you love the bag otherwise, I'd just keep it. If you do find yourself in a store with a craftsman, you can ask about it. But I would just enjoy the bag.
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  11. I did try a dry paper towel and then a damp one just to check in case it had been dyed but nothing came off on either. Not pink or black!
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  12. It had a very very faint slightly perfumed smell internally although that has pretty much disappeared since I have been using it. I wonder if someone wiped the interior with a face or baby wipe even. It's certainly not something that bothers me enough to return it or hand it over for months! Just wondered what others thought. My DH thinks I worry too much so I really appreciate some reassurance, thank you :smile:
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  13. Maybe the previous owner had spilt some makeup in her bag hence the sheen? Something like highlighter or an illuminating foundation and some of the finer shimmer particles had stuck to the leather?
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  14. This is brilliant, I think this must be it.
  15. So just in case anyone else ends up searching for this (I drove myself mad doing just that!). The mystery maybe at least partly solved! I wasn't entirely convinced by the makeup as it was also (on closer inspection and holding the bag at weird angles!) inside the pockets to a lesser extent. Then a very kind member on here with many Hermes bags checked all her black ones for me today and sent me a photo of one of hers that also shows a pinkish sheen in bright light. She thinks it might be dye oxidation which makes perfect sense. It also means I can stop stressing my bag has been cleaned with something weird/ had something weird spilled in it, just enjoy it and stop holding it upside down and practically inside out every time the sun comes out.... Not that I've been obsessed or anything :lol: