Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

  1. Thank you!
  2. I'm thinking of purchasing a birkin but may need a trip to the spa...can someone tell me what options/repairs etc can be made but sending? Can corners be fixed? Scratches etc?! Thank you
  3. Hello ladies,

    I just bought this vintage Kelly and I saw this at the corner of the bag:sad: is there something I can do to get it fix?

  4. Please see this thread and search "crack" . Docride is our tpf leather expert. Otherwise take the bag into a H spa and see if it can be fixed.
    Hermes Vintage Bag Nightmares & Hermes Leather Care
  5. Cracks can be filled but can't be fixed. Luxury Again makes a crack filler or you can discuss with H spa. It can be made to look much better :flowers:
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  6. Thanks for sharing. I just didn't think too much when I bought it and now I just realised it's not as easy to take care . Appreciate your information ❤️
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  7. Hello! Thank for sharing. ❤️ Heheh
  8. Update in case anyone needs the info - sent in a bag for Spa at FSH, given a quote of €250 and 3 weeks lag time.
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  9. I sent my vintage Kelly for spa and a repair of the handle...had some loose stitches. $330 for spa, $257 for handle repair. Estimated time for repair and return from Paris 3-5 months.
  10. if anyone can assist... how can you have a bag repaired/serviced if you don't live in a state with a boutique. i called customer service and she acted like an 10 hour drive to my closest store (in another state) was something easy to do. are there other options, or must it always be walked in to a boutique? thank you
  11. They used to take mail-in but I have heard that is no longer done. But call the store directly, not customer "service" :smile: .
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  12. Update, bag ready after 5 working days at FSH.
  13. they said no mail-in. have to get there somehow. thanks for your reply
  14. I'm thinking of taking my new B to the Madison Ave store to see the craftsmen. Do I need an appointment with them or just walk in? Also, my bag is less than a month old and already has significant corner wear with color rubbed off (cannot recall trauma). Will Hermes take any responsibility for this or offer replacement? My SA advised me to go see them.
  15. This is the tadelakt b35 right? You should be prepared for them to tell you that it is normal wear for that leather and especially in that size. It's a beautiful leather but definitely one that could definitely scratch easily in that large of a size.