Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

  1. That might just be dirt, but what are you using on the cloth?
  2. Cadillac leather conditioner, so I expected a bit of "bleeding" but not this much! I've since switched to alcohol free unscented baby wipes and after many wipes, it's stopped coming off so black. Leather also feels much softer. Could it really be 18 years of dirt built up?
  3. It could be the top layer of polish, it could be a cream applied by Hermès or someone else, it could be dirt, but if the texture feels normal for Fjord and the bag has no light spots and is still same black, I would doubt it has been totally recolored. It feeling softer is odd though.
    I would take to spa if you think it needs it/want to ensure you didn't get a dyed bag and see if they see an issue. Don't predispose anyone to reach a conclusion.
    Note: PLEASE don't use baby wipes on your bag. Use Lexol cleaning or conditioning wipes. baby pH is not the same as leather :smile:
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  4. Thanks for the tip!! Hopefully I didn't hurt it!! Just ordered lexol :smile:
  5. If your bag seems fine it is fine :flowers: I am not an expert like Docride but in my experience, if you are happy with the bag as it is, don't mess with it too much. With my black Togo B, I run a Lexol wipe over it every couple days to get off "natural" pollution and dust especially if I am in LA, Dubai, Beijing, etc. I gently wipe the backs of lighter bags at the end of most days because of color transfer, but over-cleaning can be bad as well.
    Sorry for OT :flowers: but I think pre-spa care is somewhat appropriate?
  6. Don't be sorry, I really appreciate your help and advice. This is my first ever birkin, so definitely want all the tips I can get!

    Thankfully she still seems perfect. I will take her into the boutique later and send her off to spa just to be 100% sure. Don't want to take risks at this price point! Thanks again!!
  7. You started with a great bag. Black Fjord, 35 (it looks 35 anyway), GHW - a forever classic. You seriously cannot go wrong with this bag!
  8. Yes you are right. I just wanted them to erase the marks and paint those corners but they said the re-paint job must be done completely, they can't just paint one corner. They showed me some before-after pics of some re-painted bags, it's very very close to the original colour, but not the same.

    So I didn't go ahead for that.

    For pen marks, some on here said the alcohol-free hairspray works ??
  9. hi all, does anyone knows how much is a replacement leather strap in clemence leather? i am eyeing on a brown bolide in clemence from a reseller but the shoulder strap is quite ruined, maybe i can order a replacement strap if the price is reasonable. appreciate your input, many thanks.
  10. Honestly, if the bag is a good price, the new strap from Hermes could cost as much as the bag and the wait is long for the special order.
  11. Hi.. is it just me or does this really look like something which I should get fixed? Leather peels off at the strap-resin missing?
    It looks messy compared to my 2014 Kelly and it is brandnew from the store...

    Not Talking about thinner leather here but The peeling off The Strap..
    IMG_0579.JPG IMG_0577.JPG IMG_0578.JPG
  12. For your peace of mind and assurance, just go into H and ask.
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  13. Hi all,

    My Kelly Long inner lining is very sticky. Is there any way to resolve this without bringing back to Hermes for spa?

  14. Hermes doesn't clean inside bags. So perhaps try a gentle leather cleaner yourself.
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