Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy

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  1. Hi ladies, can any of you tell me a little about Hermes Repair/Refurbish policy? Can you send any Hermes bag back to them and will they clean it up (for a price?)? I have the chance to buy a vintage Hermes bag from a friend but the bag is in SUCH sad condition, really beaten up. I like a bit of a vintage look but not a trashed bag :blink: I'd be willing to take a chance on it if Hermes will clean it up for me - I don't know a leather shop around here I could trust with it!

    thank you!
  2. Last I knew you can bring any authentic Hermes bag back to the boutique. They will send it off and repair anything broken or restore it to the best of their ability. It is really hard for you to judge how great it will come back. Before you buy it take it to Hermes and ask what they can really do for you to restore it. They have been known to work miracles.
    I saw a bag come back darn close to what a new bag would have looked like. It just depends how "sad" the bag really is.
    Good Luck
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  3. I believe the refurbishing starts at around $50.00.

    They really do work miracles! I've seen some before and afters!
  4. I agree with the others, see what they can do first before you buy it. I've also heard about the miracles they can work :biggrin: Thats what I love about them! Other handbag companies won't really go through as much to fix a bag.
  5. Just to update - I have a Yo bag with two bottoms and the horsehair one somehow got damaged - the horsehair part pulled away from the piping - I sent it to Claude in NY and from there it went to Paris and it came back perfect and NO CHARGE. It did take about 5 months but it was worth the wait as I love that bag for evening.
  6. Wow! That's super!! Claude is a miracle worker all right! I want to meet this guy!:nuts:
  7. Claude is a very personable and knowledgeable Gentleman. I feel you would enjoy meeting him.
  8. Thanks for this info, liz! Wow, 5 months?? I'd have separation anxiety! Oh but to get it back perfect, now that is fantastic. And no charge either? I'm loving Hermes more and more:smile:

    So, for all of you who have mentioned Spa or Spa treatment for your H bags, is this what you meant? ie.. taking it to your local H boutique and they'll send it off to be reconditioned/fixed/polished, etc?
  9. my bag needed some polishing treatment after 3 years and they kept it for under 4 weeks, i think it stayed local (east coast). nothing needed to be replaced or resewn though.
  10. It all depends on the type of repair that needs to be made. Cleanings are done in the store, more extensive repairs must be sent to Paris.
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  11. update update: thanks to Hermesgroupie I now know that my bag was called a Yeoh bag - sorry for the mistake yesterday but I really only knew the name phonetically from Monsieur Claude!
  12. I have heard from $80 to 150 dollars. I am taking my new vintage kelly in, so I can revisit this post in a day or so and tell you what they say. I also had the Hermes SA tell me they can work miracles.
  13. Yay, fendigal! Thanks for letting us know. Can't wait for your update.:flowers:
  14. The Hermes stores in Asia particularly in Hk is quite strict (I prefer to use the word mean). I once asked a SA if I can bring back a vintage Hermes bag for refurbishment and the SA told me " We will not accept any unknown bags not bought from our store for refurbishment. I will also email all stores not to accept it. "

    Even if it is an authentic vintage piece? What if I inherit it?

    Please note that I am a regular and this is how she answered. I do not like her attitude because I find it rude but how unfortunate she is my SA from day one !:sad:
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  15. That's wierd! I just took a 32 cm Kelly to the King of Prussia Mall (Philadelphia) Hermes store, it is going in for refurbish/polishing. They said it is taking longer to do this now, 4-6 months. It is depressing, but I want my bag to look good so I took my ticket and left the bag with them.