HERMES & Religion??

  1. So I've been thinking that aside from the Lumieres De Paris scarf I've yet to see a scarf that is even remotely of a religious subject. Even the Lumiere scarf is very neutral and the description given by Hermes about it is also neutral.

    See what sent me when I inquired about the subject of the piece:
    "Thank you for visiting
    This scarf is called 'Lumieres de Paris' and it was issued in 2006 by
    Natsuno Hidaka.
    Radiant with lights and colours, the Lumiere de Paris scarf arouses a
    strong feeling of peace and harmony.
    We can imagine this scarf as an immense stained-glass window in the
    heart of a cathedral, its tiny pieces of coloured glass shimmering with
    sunlight and making the whole edifice sing.
    In the central rose window, the guardian angel watches over the City of
    Paris. In his hands, in the protective shade of his great coat, he
    holds the sleeping city, its silhouette outlined against a starry sky.

    Again, thank you for your interest in Hermès."

    Here is a photo in case you are wondering what it looks like.

    Do any of you know of any scarves that have religious symbols or themes?

  2. Gazoo, I'll think some more because I'm sure there are others, but the first one that pops into my mind is Prieres au Vent ("Prayers in the Wind") originally issued in 1996 and rumored to have been reissued in 2003 or so when the Dali Lama visited the US. Also, do the Roman/Greek mythology designs count since that was their religion?
  3. i've always thought of that scarf as obviously religious, but other than that i haven't noticed any. perhaps they want to remain religiously neutral but experiment with spiritual and cultural art such as their native american motifs, etc? i've always loved that.
  4. That scarf is Christian to me, probably Catholic. It uses Christian motifs, including that of an angel and a cathedral - in Paris I believe all the cathedrals are Catholic. There are religions that wouldn't use those motifs or mention a cathedral certainly, Judaism, Islam, Budhism, etc.
  5. Outside of Judeo-Christian themes, there are some scarves using Buddhist symbols...I saw two recently on was Fleurs de Lotus, and another had the Buddhist eternal knot (they call it "Asian symbols".)
  6. there's also a scarf using indian (hindu?) wedding traditions....henna painting on the hands, etc. can't recall the name, though :sad:
  7. A bit off topic, but that scarf is beautiful! Is it still in stores?
  8. Well.......I always have a "religious experience" whenever I get a new bag or scarf or bracelet....does that count???????

    ...ok.....J/K.................I'll seriously give this some thought but I'd like to think all my Mythological scarves can count........and anything with cherubs!
  9. That beautiful scarf is called "Les Chants de Henne".

    Another one I thought of is Apres le Deluge ("After the Flood") that is based upon Noah's ark from the Old Testament. There are several that have famous churches featured (Mont Saint Michel from 1947 as well as the original Paris and last year's Regarde Paris in which Notre Dame is prominent).

    Liberte, Lumieres des Paris is indeed a beatiful scarf that was issued as part this past Fall's collection. Both the French and US website still have it available in colorways different from gazoo's gorgeous version (I also have this rose pink colorway as well as the electric blue colorway). Your SA might well be able to track one down for you.

  10. LOL, good one...

    for sure your mythological scarves count! according to the intellectual, Joseph Campbell, mythology and religion (and folklore) are closely entwined.
  11. Sarasvati ( see reference thread) who is a Hindu goddess is another scarf
    Tsitska by Kermit Oliver depicting Native American religion...

    I know there are others.

    LDP definitely reminded me of the Rose Stained Glass windowns in Parisian cathedrals.
  12. Whacha talkin'bout?? Scarves ARE a religion. :graucho:
  13. ^^Ain't that the truth! I go to the orange altar of Hermes and worship every morning as I am getting dressed.