Hermes Refurbishment at No Charge?

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  1. Hi, I just had my Kelly refurbished and my local Hermes store said there was no charge!! I just had one scratch buffed out and the lock polished but I was still suprised that I wasn't charged! Have any other TPF's had the same experience?:wtf:
  2. Was it sent out and returned, or done on the spot? I have read of Claude cleaning up scratches on the spot at no charge.
  3. Some of the binding came off the handles on my bag and that was done FOC by Celine at Bond Street
  4. Hi Bella,

    It was sent out to NYC for 6 weeks and returned to my local store. They did refurbish the bag, the scratch is gone and the hardware has been polished (it's brass so I could really see the difference!) I have the receipt which says no charge and a 81/2 by 11" piece of paper from my local store outlining what I wanted done. The store manager said that sometimes bags are sent back without there being a charge for refurbishment. She said that she never asks why the don't charge for certain refurbishment and that I was "lucky". Does that sound strange??
  5. Whether or not a customer will be charged depends on the extent of the work that needs to be done, what type of colour/skin combo, age of the bag, and relationship of the customer with the store.
  6. Thanks, MrsSparkles! I'm just not used to getting anything for free at Hermes!

  7. lol!
  8. Does Refurbishment = Spa treatment?

    I am planning to send my vintage croc Kelly I just bought for a spa/refurbishment.
  9. Yes but what the OP had done was really just a touch-up not a refurb
  10. I think they don't charge for a light(?) work. One of my bags had to get stitches 'redone' and colored a couple of places, but it came back as 'NO CHARGE'! I was surprised since my bag got stitches done which I thought it was a time consuming work ( was not a big area, but it still takes time to fix know what I mean...???)
  11. ooh lucky, my birkin is still in paris getting treated, they told me i will be charged 145 euros when its done in 8 weeks
  12. you're so lucky! :tup:
  13. I have had minor scuffs buffed out at Madison Avenue while I waited at no charge. I actually really liked watching Pierre work with so much attention to detail.

    I asked about leather treatment products as well and he just kept shaking his head saying, "Please do not use ANYTHING on our bags." Everything we use is tested for years in France. Do not ruin your bag with ANY OTHER PRODUCTS.