Hermes refurbish capacity

  1. Dear friends,

    I've recently inherited an Hermès "Sac à dépêches" in golden courchevel leather. To here all is wonderful, but unfortunately the sac is in a terrible condition. Very damaged, with some parts to be resew again and with the leather very dry. So, when I received the briefcase, I found the situation of it very dramatical. I have been in my usual Hermès shop and they kindly sent it to Paris for a quotation of the restoration. I finally know the total amount and it's high but not as much as I expected. I trust the work capacity and the experience of Hermès artisans but I would like to know your experiences in similar situations and what do you think about it. I'll be very grateful reading your posts and sharing with you this "reborn" of the great Hermès "Sac à dépêches".
  2. I've never sent anything in that condition back but one of our members recently did, the problem being moldy. Here is the thread:

    Here's what I think, if you are comfortable with the price of repairs, go ahead and do it. Typically, if they feel that they are unable to repair it, they would have said no. Besides the tradition in this Luxury House is that they want to build things that they can repair. That is not to say that we should be careless with our belongings but things do happen. Do let us know what you decide.
  3. Dear AirMess, Thanks for your thoughts. The job they did with that lady's bag is wonderful, it seems new. In my case, instead of "Spa Treatement" my bag needs an Intensive Care Unit Mayo Clinic treatement. Anyway, I will keep you update.
  4. Please say you have 'Before' Pictures.
  5. The restitching can be fixed, but I'm unsure of how well courcheval can be refurbed - it was easily rubbed, from what I recall?

    I ADORE the sac depeches! What a fab bag you've scored - I'm sure you'll be pleased with the "spa" results!
  6. Dear friends,

    Thanks so much for your interesting thoughts. About what you say.., yes, I know that the courcheval is difficult to restore, or make it return to it's original condition, anyway, I'm not looking for a new "Sac à dépêches", I asked them speficifically about to preserve the wonderful leather with a vintage patina. To have one new is easy.., to buy it!

    I decided to accept the quotation so the bag will receive the treatement in Hermès Spa in Paris. Of course, to all you who are kindly joining me in this process of "reborn", I will provide some pictures of "after" "before".

    I will be reading your comments.
  7. Ohh yes pls photos before and after
    I myself love vintage
    If that bag could write a book I wonder what stories it could tell
  8. Yes, once I receive back the sac I will post the pictures to see the transformation. But please, I would like to know your opinion or experience about Hermès artisans on restore their items. Does anybody know something about the sataff from Paris Workshop? Thanks so much!
  9. LAST NEWS... Dear friends: I received one call today from Hermès to let me know that the "Sac à dépêches" started the treatement in their workshop in Paris. They told me about the complicated work and that the leather will no became "new" because some parts are very rubbered ¿What's your point of view about Hermès artisans? I will be waiting your thoughts.
  10. ^^^Your bag is in good hands. Don't worry. The only thing is once the grain is rubbed out in these leathers, there's little they can do to restore it except to touch it up with a little color. The stitching will be good as new though.
  11. ^^ I agree with HG, Hermes artisans are really the best in the industry. I mean, who would call you to keep you inform along the process. The leather won't be new but you did mentioned above that you wanted the patina on the leather. I believe it would look great and you would be pleased that you went ahead with it.
  12. Dear friends: Thanks so much. As I told you before, I'm preparing some pictures to show you the condition before and after, I will share the transformation with you and, trust me, such bag will put on exam all the Hermès artisan skills. I'm waiting your thoughts. Thanks!
  13. ^Hahaha, I'm sure all of us would love to share our thoughts but we need pics as they say a thousand words. Kinda difficult with no reference/s to look at.
  14. I'm preparing some pictures.. Does anyone know something about the "Sac à dépêches" origin? Is it very old? I've heard something about leather restoration, did you have any Hermès item restored?
  15. Hmmm, I have a book and I think the sac D is in it...I
    ll take a look and report anything back....