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  1. Couple questions for you ladies who travel a lot~~

    Do all Hermes receipt look the same? I never paid much attention to it at all until I start noticing all the fake receipts floating about in ioffer (they are even selling receipt templates :censor: ). Now, as far as I know, the receipts in the U.S. are generally in the long paper print out format. Receipts in certain parts of Europe look like A3 (or is it A4?) paper. What about receipts in Canada? Do they look like the ones from the U.S. or is it yet another format?
  2. We don't get those long receipts here (and I didn't get them in Europe either). We have I think an A5 size with Hermes details printed up in the LH corner, and in Australia they staple your CC printout to the back. The details of what you've purchased are printed on the front....Hermes conditions of sale are on the back.

  3. In France, we get an A5 reciept that's printed out on Hermes "receipt paper", specifying what you bought (item name, model number, colour code) and how you paid for it. No name, although the purchase is noted in the computer for you.
  4. same applies for germany and dubai
  5. Same in Switzerland ... though there are some smaller Hermès boutiques and I also had once just a very tiny miniscule receipt and a Hermès stationary that was hand-written indicating what I bought.:blink:
  6. La Van - I got a similar one (hand written on H stationery) when I was in Saltzberg,Austria......that little Hermes is TINY but so gorgeous!!!!
  7. Hi Kou, here is what I know:

    U.S. -- scroll-like printed receipts
    Europe -- Varies. Usually A5 printed receipts or some hand-written receipts
    Asia -- Varies. Either A5 printed receipts or no receipt (Can you believe that? I know..:rolleyes: )
  8. in paris ( in recent years) I got a small printout register slip, no hand written recipt at all. In london, a printed register charge slip, in austria a few years ago I got large hand written recipt along with the register/charge slip. The large hand written ones are the ones that are faked the most often, I saw someone selling just hermes recipts(!) on the internet. So hermes is definitely fazing those out. I was also told by the SA in europe, that if I need to exchange something I will need the small charge slip as proof of purchase, I do not know if that is worldwide though.
  9. Kou, just thought of something, maybe if you ever have to authenticate a recipt from hermes, call the store it is supposedly from, and ask what the recipt looks like, or what did the recipts from such and such a date look like, or tell them what you have in your hand, is that enough to make an exchange. it may be worth a shot, if the SA is nice, and a very expensive bag is on the line.
    Kou, I am hesitant to give very specific details, or post pictures of the recipts, (although I have saved them all), because I do not want those who sell fake recipts, or make up recipts to go with a fake bag to get wise to their mistakes, and become better at forging them.:sad:
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