Hermes....Real or not...Hummmm?????

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  1. I just wanted to share my very huge concern with all you Hermes lovers.

    Yesterday I went to Hermes to buy a belt. Walked in, did my usual rounds, then stopped. This time I stopped to pick up my jaw. ...there she was the most beautiful blue 30cm croc/pall with diamonds birkin I have ever seen. Of course I had to touch it :smile: and asked how much It was. The price was 111,300. EUR. :nuts: Yes! :jammin: that is correct. That translates to appx $148,400.00
    Later on I started thinking about eBay and the trusted and highly recommended Createurs de Lux. While some people may or may not be aware of Hermes prices, I think by mere comparison everyone can tell she sells her authentic bags for a huge premium.:wtf: having said that, How is it possible that she can sell the same bag for 37K, 49K or even 59K .Who wants to take a $100K losses, certainly not her by her prices. This raises a huge concern, so many crocs, so little money??? are they really authentic? :sweatdrop: .
    If you happen to check in Madam Creatures de Lux, maybe you can tell us.:confused1:
  2. CDL's bags have after-market diamonds so you're not paying the brand premium on the bling. plus i think hermes also does the diamonds on on the strap guids and the lock, which are not blinged-out in the CDL bags.
  3. ^^Yep, adrenaline, this is not an uncommon practice for jewelers and watch bezels--CDL was clever enough to do it to the Birkin to make the price more palatable. She is very clear in her descriptions that the diamonds used are "after-market" as opposed to factory.
  4. ^:yes::yes::yes:
  5. Please don't shoot me for asking these questions >>>

    1) Are the hardware with diamonds a customization then? And is not from Hermes?

    2) Will Hermes service a bag that has been modified?
  6. Per the description "The bag is stamped but the gold plate on the back side of the diamonds is covering the letter" so perhaps the hardware was added onto--extra hardware for the diamonds?

    Don't know about the servicing question--they should still service the bag, although I know that customization of watches usually voids the warranty.
  7. Well Orchids and Dressage queen thank you both very much, you learn something evey day. I really had not taken notice in this "after market" policy. This is a clever idea, or is it? what happens if you need to service the bag as skins do need to be polished and so on every so often? Hermes will not hesitate to tell anyone "this is not one of ours". I will give you an example. My neighbour has a kelly and she had the color changed. She sent it to Hermes after a while to have it clean as she's had the bag for a while and they sent it back saying unable to clean because it was not one of theirs. The Bag is absolutely authentic, I know This for a fact because she showed it to me when she first bought it. I dont know what they meant but I could only assumed it was because she had the bag altered.
    I wonder if this applies to the diamond hardware as well, after all the bag has been altered from its original state.
  8. Well, this is very interesting because I remember a little while back something about someone wanting to buy a Kelly from a reseller but was concerned because the owner had the bag dyed. Anyone else remember this? I wish we could find that thread because I think it would answer your question adrenaline.

    As far as CDL is concerned, I've purchase a Birkin from her and know for a fact that she only sells real Hermes bags so I wouldn't hesitate in buying from her again. I will say that with any reseller of authentic Hermes bags you need to read everything in the description very thoroughly in order to understand exactly what you are getting and are comfortable with the pricing.
  9. As far as I know, Hermes will service a bag that has altered HW. However, if a bag has been re-dyed, then it's a different story.
  10. I am surprised that Hermes would do spa treatment for a bag whose hardware has been altered with after market diamonds.

    I imagine that Hermes would have to disclaim all liabilities pertaining to the after market diamonds before accepting the bag for spa treatment. What if the diamonds were to dislodge (and get lost) from the hardware during the spa process? Hermes would also need to protect itself against unwarranted claims of "changing" the good quality diamonds for not so good ones during the spa process.

  11. Whoa - good point! Although if you bring a bag in they know to be real, I doubt they check to see if the diamonds are factory if all they're doing is fixing a stich or polishing it up.
  12. I think there's a big difference between adding diamonds to a croc's Birkin hardware and dyeing a box Kelly.

    Shopmom, I remember that bag (which is actually still around, I just saw it being advertised recently) and the thread. We didn't come to a definite conclusion but our opinion was uniform that by dyeing the leather the seller had rendered the bag pretty much worthless. If you re-dye a bag after you bought it, Hermes have every reason not to accept it. Not because it's not one of theirs but because it has been tampered with in a way that affects the bag's quality in a major way and which may have side-effects that are out of their control. They don't know what will happen to the dye during their cleaning process and don't want to take responsibility for it. I can understand that. It's a different process if you add aftermarkt diamonds to the hardware.

    When you do hand in a bag for a spa treatment you get a receipt with the description of the bag, I would assume that in case of aftermarket diamonds they would also count the diamonds.

    I am sure that an experienced and highly reputable seller like CDL knows what she is doing by adding aftermarket diamonds to an H bag's hardware and that she would inform her potential buyers should there be any question regarding the bag's maintenance at Hermes.
  13. I can understand both views and I do agree that adding after market diamonds is totally differant from Dyeing the leather. Dyeing the leather I assume would make the bag a color that Hermes never made? I know that louis vuitton will not work on a bag, that has been altered in anyway. As my louis vuitton sales rep informed me changing a handbag from its original condition ie adding new hardware, dyeing the leather or other alterations makes it non-authentic. So it is very well possible that Hermes may feel the same way.

    I suggest that you email CDL and tell her of your concerns
  14. Hi Girls...has anyone ever heard of a Birkin losing one or more of its feet?? Another naive question...why do some Birkins have Hermes-Paris engraved on the hardware with the icon for Registered Trademark and some do not? Any help greatly appreciated. jrt
  15. BTW there's also a Trim on eBay right now that has been dyed a dark caramel color...from Potiron! :sad:

    JRT I have never heard of an *authentic* Birkin losing feet, no. As for your other question, I am not sure what you're asking? You mean some bags you have seen say "Hermes Paris (t)" on the engraving??
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