Hermes RAOK Reveal!!!

  1. Thanks to the lovely Japster there has been an amazing Random Acts of Kindness Gift Exchange set up!! So ladies and gents (are there any gents in this?! :sweatdrop:) use this thread to reveal what you get from your lovely pal!!
  2. Here is my beautiful necklace from my non-RAOK buddy, Avandome. She's my secret lovah & I love her sooo. She got me this Hermes necklace which I have put my pegasus charm on.
  3. I must show you all the most amazing gift I got from my RAOK pal!!!

    To set the mood, I have to tell you how my weekend was going. Vlad and I were driving from Ft. Lauderdale to Columbus, OH. It is about an 18 hour trip with no breaks. We left on Sunday, stayed overnight in South Carolina, and drove all day Monday. We started to really have rear-end swelling and soreness and I believe my rear grew to the seat. We were on a mission to get back to Columbus in time to watch our Buckeyes take on the Florida Gators. We got to Columbus around 6:30 P.M, got food, went to watch the game. Well as many of you know, we lost- and by lost I mean we got smashed 41-14. After that drive and that loss I was bumming big time! So we drove back to my apartment (after having been gone for 3 weeks) and I just threw everything down.

    But alas, I noticed an amazing little silver package staring at me. Hurm I thought, what on Earth is this?

    So I cut it open of course, and saw a name that makes me drool. I began to sweat! What did I order???

    Just like a little kid, I began to open the packaging and take out my surprise


    Could this be real??? I have the most beautiful Twilly staring at me!!

    After all the drooling, obsessing, yelling, and loving I got my composure and gave my RAOK gal a HUGE :happydance: and :winkiss:

    And who is my amazing RAOK person you may ask... Well it is none other than Pinkish_love who I LOVE so much!!! She really lifted my spirits and thought of the sweetest gift. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Awwww~ Pinkish love is the sweetest! That is going to look fantastic with your eyes.
  5. I think it means I need a BJ Birkin, a sign from Zeus or something!? :graucho:
  6. It's a sign from the Hermes Gods, Megs........

  7. :yes:

    Beautiful twilly! Pinkish love, what a great gift!
  8. E, I love the way the necklace sits around your neck. A, great gift!!
  9. I love both gifts. What a fun necklance. Also a great twilly. FUN.

    Thank you for setting this up!
  10. I love that necklace Japster!!!

    megs - I can't see your photos for some reason. I'm sure the twilly is beautiful!!!
  11. Megs!! I'm soooooooooooo happy you liked your gift!! GOD!! I was thinking and thinking and thinking how to start RAOK with the queen of tPF!! I was:shocked: :sweatdrop::s:hrmm::oh::wacko: lol

    Then i thought it will only be perfect if i started with Hermes.. i just cant go wrong with Hermes!!!

    I'm so happy you liked it and i'm really sorry to hear about your bad week.. i hope u feel better already!! :flowers:
  12. Japster.. that necklace is beautiful.. i didnt see it before and i just love it!! and it looks gorgeous with the pegasus.. ofcourse its already on my list hehe
  13. Where are my pics?! :push: Ugh, I am going to try to fix them

    Pinkish- You are amazing, no need to stress over me!!!!

    BJ Birkin, you are all mine!!!!
  14. Wooooo! Gorgeous Twilly Megs - isn't PL the best? Love the necklace Japster, think I'm going to have to go and check those out next time I'm in Hermes!
  15. Cal those necklaces are beautiful aren't they! I have been staring at Japster's all night, drooling!