Hermes Question

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  1. I am looking to purchase the H belt.
    What size should i purchase if I wear
    a size 2?
  2. that is probably a good question for the SA.

    a size 2 means so many things now. so you will need to measure where you want your belt to sit...and talk to your SA about it.
  3. What size belt in US sizing do you normally wear? I am a size 2 but wear low rise jeans and wear an 85 (US 34) belt.

  4. To be honest I do not know have not purchased
    a belt in a long time. Sounds like I need a
    US 34??? Is 85 Euro Size?
  5. 75 would fit nicely if you wear your belt high
    for jeans 80? thats what I tried on the other I think we're about the same size
  6. I wear size 0/2 and I have a mini Constance belt in size 78 that I wear with low-rise jeans and shorts. It also works if I want it to sit higher (on the real waist). You can always get extra holes put in by bringing it to Hermes.
  7. Wow! Is 75 and 85 just one size apart? Sounds like a big discrepency.