Hermes Question From Jill!

  1. HEY guys! I am defecting from the other side of the forum...LOL..actually have an Hermes question for you Hermes pros out there.
    I purchased an hermes bag called the HERBAG probably a little over 5 years ago...wanted something versatile (knapsack)for a mommy..It comes in 2 parts..and can interchange..I put it in the box...didnt like it....and completely forgot about it.....It comes with a book about how to make it into 2 diff bags..BUT i dont get it!!Anyone know of this bag and how to use it..Yes..It has an instruction manual...but I am clueless!(LOL!)Please let me know if you can help me figure this thing out..I cant believe I let it sit in a box all this time....Thanks!!!
  2. Sorry I can't help you at all, Jill, but I do want to say what a lovely find in your closet!!! And wecome to the Hermes side....I'm sure another lovely lady will be able to help you or point you in the right direction ;)
  3. Come back to the dark side Jill!
  4. LOL! You are killing me!! This is the only Hermes bag I EVER bought( and then totally forgot about!!!) ...I SWEAR!!!LOL!
  5. I am familiar with that bag, but I don't know how to tell you how to adjust/use it. In time, someone will respond. (or call your closest store)
  6. I feel like a total idiot cuz it has a book of instructions!I still cant figure it out...LOL...I should probably give it to my 9 year old...she could probably do better!
  7. Oh my goodness, Jill. I'd love to have a Herbag! Why wasn't it in your collection pics? What colour is it?
  8. Hey Jill, I have this bag.
    In order to change the canvas portion of the bag, you need to twist off the end of the metal "bar" in the middle that is holding the bag together. Once you twist it off (both ends) there is a thin metal string of balls attached you need to remove that by slipping it through the slit. Does that make any sense? Everything else should fall into place and be pretty self explanatory. Let me know if you have questions.
  9. Thanks Vixy....I had this darn box sitting in a closet for years..totally forgot about it...unbelievable...The other question I have is how to shorten the shoulder straps???
    Melisande...its the cream canvas with the honey/camel leather...It wasnt in my bag room..I am ashamed to say its been in a laundry room closet for all this time...Felt like an idiot calling the store years later to ask how to use it!LOL!
    I am trying to get pics see if I am doing it wont link for some reason..I will make my hubby help me when he gets home from work..Thanks everyone!JILL(from the DARK SIDE!!LOL!)
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]OK-here are the pics...!
  11. Other questions..If I switch it to the bigger bag there..can I change the straps to be handheld...Do they even make this bag anymore??I dont want to sound like an idiot if I call the store!lol!
  12. Jill, that's such a nice bag, I can't believe you've just been having it sit in your closet.
  13. ^^ I know..I feel criminal...and like a total idiot..BUT I bought it the day before a major surgery..then was out of commission for 3 I kind of forgot about it!
    Any help figuring this thing out ...PLEASE!???
  14. Just looked at your pics again. I can't tell... Wish I could read your instruction book. But then, I'm horrible with instruction booklets. I'd take it to the store. Seriously. And ask for a little demonstration.
  15. Got an idea....send it to me. I will wear it for about a year or two, figure it out and send it back to you? Kay?