hermès quality

  1. it just came to my mind last night while browsing the forum.
    apparently nearly every other designer has sort of quality problems (yes even with their 1000$ bags)then i thought of it . hermès is expensive but they last a lifetime and no quality problems EVER (in fact a pruduct that is less than perfect will never leaver the company) and it can be reconditioned. so another reason for not feeling guilty on splurging on hermès
    i know it is pathetic but i just wanted to share my thoughts
  2. That's definitely an excellent argument for Hermes. Although things like pulled threads happen (on the leather stitching). My picotin has that problem but Hermes will take it in and repair it.

    Scarves and the like are nearly eternal... They're so durable and the quality is second to none.
  3. The quality is definitely a huge selling point. It's reassuring to know that they can be reconditioned/repaired. Hearing of the quality control problems with other brands really made me think twice. If I'm spending $800, $1000 plus I want good quality, not a bag with problems that a $20 bag might have. :whistle:
  4. I was thinking that the other day when I called the Chloe stand for the 50th time to inquire about the status of my Baby Paddington... :crybaby: It's been gone nearly 6 weeks.
  5. Thank you, Lilach! You're reading my mind as always! Just thinking the same thing in context of my Croc bag that's coming.....after 50 years that beauty is STILL going strong! That speaks VOLUMES!!!!
  6. That is so true D! They become family heirlooms- and there are not too many other designers that can say that. Hermes is in a league of its own!
  7. D, When I saw Madame Kelly in person, that's what did it for me...and for DH. A forty year old toile bag that looks that gorgeous?!? That's craftsmanship!!!! :flowers:

    Perja, sorry to hear about your Paddington!
  8. Thank you Heather! I love that girl even though she spends a lot of time in her sleeper......
  9. :flowers: Thank you! Seeing your Kellys and Fopduck's along with my constant speeches about Hermes quality and craftsmanship DH finally succumbed. :lol: :wlae:
  10. You are definitely getting what you are paying for!
  11. Hmm, I beg to differ--well, just a little. I agree w/ Perja that there are sometimes problems w/ stitching. I've also seen tarnishing on the hardware, some more than others. Having said that, I still think Hermes is the best out there!
  12. Come to think of it, I had a Tzako bag once and the H on the clasp, which was gold, tarnished really badly... and also one of the clasps of the sholder strap of an Evelyne, broke...but this is all I can think of in over 25 years of dealing with Hermès...:flowers:
  13. You are right, the quality is amazing... I used to think that, LV was the sturdiest...but my hermes of equal age looks a whole lot better than the LV today.
  14. Here's a question re quality issues. When they do put things on sale and stamp that nasty little "s" on the leather, what do you think is wrong with it? Do you think there is a quality issue?

    Never had any tarnish. Maybe a touch of dulling, but nothing that a jewelers rouge cloth couldn't polish off.
  15. I wonder if Louis Vuitton or Chanel offered a totally handmade bag, would you fork over 6k to 10k for a Suhali bag or 2.55? Let's say ..each bag has all of Hermes' "qualities" like all leather interiors, and solid hardware..