Hermès Push Present?

Jan 30, 2011
New Orleans
So my DH and I just found out that we are expecting!!! So very exciting for both of us!!!

Wanted to ask you ladies what would be an appropriate push present?

I'm thinking I'd like a leather Garden Party for the functionality as I could potentially use it to tote a few baby items here and there if I don't want to be saddled down with diaper bag.

Thoughts?? TIA...
Aug 31, 2009
I think you should indulge! In a piece of jewelry, or a bag that will bring you pleasure on your nights out, even if they become few and far between. :P Congratulations!!
Jan 30, 2011
New Orleans
Thank you ladies for your responses and well wishes!!! So very kind of you!!!

My ultimate HG bag is a black Kelly with GHW, but I know that won't be "baby" friendly in regards to easy access, so I'm really considering the Garden Party.

I have Gucci and Bottega Veneta totes that I can use as an absolute last resort, but I'm just not sold on either.

I am looking for neutral Avalons for the nursery among other H items for the baby as well.


Jan 17, 2010

Before I got preggo, I joked that I wanted a Birkin diaper bag but that was just a joke. I got a Birkin when my son was a year old, and practically speaking, it is not a good diaper bag. It's a little heavy and hand-held which isn't practical if you have IT and the baby.

I do love my GP but I have the shoulder strap with the zipper one so a little less practical than the typical GP. BUT man, can it hold a lot! I would advise towards all leather because my toile can get dirty (but it's sooo beautiful in etoupe!).

Finally, the one bag that is a hands-down winner with kids - the Evelyne! Totally hands-free but I have a 2-yo now, not an infant. I don't know if diapers and all the baby paraphenalia fit that great in the Evelyne.

Good luck with the bag search - maybe, you just need a fun bag so it doesn't have to be practical. For that, any of the H bags are great!

Congrats again!!!
May 22, 2009
As mom to a 15mth old my advice is to get the bag you want long term not something for use with the baby. You'll be dealing with dirty diapers and spit up. I still use my chanel woc mostly when out with the baby. I use my Kelly for nights out and my bolide for work. Unless you plan to always have a nanny with you don't add any stress to your time as a new mom by having a bag you may worry about.


Mar 7, 2011
East Coast
Congratulations! I would go for the Garden Party, but make sure you get a liner. Everything that has to do with babies is messy!


Nov 26, 2008
I wouldn't want a diaper bag as push gift, H or non-H. Prefer a piece of Jewellery or Timepiece that withstand time & fad.
Feb 10, 2007
Congratulations! The baby of course is the gift--a beautiful healthy baby. In my honest opinion,the "push gift" should not be about the baby, it should be about you. Diaper bag-great-utilitarian, necessary. How about a fabulous new piece of jewelry, or a bag for later??


Nov 27, 2009
East Bay, CA
Congrats on the baby! I agree with a lot of posters here that you should get something for yourself and nothing baby related. I'm sure once you give birth it'll be all about the baby for a long time and it'd be nice to have something that's all about you!