Hermes purse suggestion

  1. I will admit from the beginning I'm a Chanel girl. However, the Hermes concession across from the Chanel one in Brown Thomas beckons to me. I have bought a scarf, which I love and am thinking of making the leap to handbag. I have looked through the threads, reference and other in the Hermes forum but am more confused than when I started!

    I don't think I want a Birkin with the waiting list and prices. Normally I carry a Chanel reporter, the smaller one in black. I want a bag either in red, magenta or some colour other than black, brown or white. It should hold a lot like my reporter and ideally around 2000 euro. Is this possible?

    Thanking you!
  2. Hi Hapa, welcome to the Orange side. To help us make better suggestions to you, could you have a description of the dimensions of your Chanel bag?
  3. It is about 6 inches tall and 11 inches in length. It is about 4 inches wide. Thanks for your assistance! Hermes is just overwhelming.
  4. Hi Hapa, based on your descriptions I would say that that's a pretty small bag. Even the smaller Birkins and Kellys are at least 25inches in length. There are some 20 and 15 inch Kellys but they're pretty rare. However, there is a Kelly pochette that's a small handbag, you might want to looking into it.
  5. I recommend a Trim II bag in Rouge Hermes (I have one and it's great!)
    If you want to spend a little more, try a Bolide 31cm. Gorgeous and timeless.
  6. Thank you both. i'm going to look up photos of both now. Thanks.
  7. whispa, you mean cm, not inches, right???

    that'd be one big handbag, if it was more than 2 feet wide!!!
  8. Hi Hapa!
    Some other bags that aren't as expensive would be the Garden Party, Picotin, Evelyne, Massai and as GT said the Trim is fabulous!
  9. Maybe a Picotin? They seem to be on the smaller side of Hermes, telling by the pictures. In a luscious Potiron colour, which is pumpkin-ish.

  10. yep, sorry, I meant cms