Hermes purse - need help identifying!

  1. I'm not sure as it is an older design but I'm sure one of our experts here will be able to help. :flowers:
  2. Thanks for the reply! I was thinking it is probably an older Hermes bag, since I haven't been able to find this style anywhere in my searches.

    Looking forward to hearing from the experts on this!
  3. double post
  4. I'm stumped on the name! The Hermes, Paris, made in France stamp shows the bag was made after 1970. The = stamp indicates it is lizard, Varanus salvadorii (sp?). I'm racking my brain on this, but I believe they started stamping their bags to indicate species after the CITES act was enforced in 1975. Hopefully, someone can give more info on this. Can you find a datestamp in the bag? It should be a letter inside a square or circle.
  5. humm,..... a mistery! YAY! Now this is def. gonna cheer me up!
  6. I have three bags in my catalogue that are definitely similar, but not exactly the same.




    I'll put pics up in a minute.......
    IM000019.jpg IM000021.jpg IM000022.jpg
  7. Thanks so much, Grands Fronds, for the pics! Very helpful!

    THe price that is listed on there, what currency is that in? Any idea what the conversion might be into USD? I'm thinking of selling the bag b/c I'm not a strappy purse person kind of girl, and getting something else. How can I figure out how much it's worth?
  8. You may want to consider taking it into the boutique and let the SAs look at it. I'm sure they'd love it and can help shed more light on this mystery bag.:flowers:
  9. I might do that! I actually live in NYC, so it wouldn't be too difficult to do, LOL!

    Are the SA's pretty helpful with that stuff?
  10. When all fails, there's CLAUDE at NYC!!:nuts:
  11. And please report back any info you get!
  12. no worries! I would do as the others suggested, and take her for visit to one of the boutiques if you can - I'm sure they'd love to see it, in any case!

    The currency is Japanese yen, and this catalogue is from 2003.
  13. Just a little update:

    I've been out of town on vacation and haven't had the chance to make it to the Hermes store yet, but am planning on going either over the weekend or the beginning of the week. I'll fill everyone in on the mystery purse as soon as I find out!
  14. Another update:

    I haven't had time to make to the Hermes store. But, I contacted Createurs de luxe and they might be interested in buying the bag, but are asking how much I want to sell it for.

    If I go to the Hermes store, will they also be able to tell me how much the bag is worth, or just the style?

    There's a somewhat similar bag listed on Ebay right now for $2,500. Does this sound too high/low for this purse?