Hermes Purse Charms

  1. What types do they have so far? Are they readily avaliable in stores? I didn't see any at the LV store last month. Do they come out with one every year? Thanks!! Looking at all your lovely charms makes me want one :smile:
  2. The Hermes charms should be available in each store. There is a charm that comes out every year to reflect the theme for the year. 2007 is the year of dance and the new charm is a pegasus on a disk, resembling a horse on a carousel. The fruit, vegetable, and animal keychains can also be used as charms on purses.
  3. Does any one have a price range on the charms?
  4. YAY!! need to find that bag charm :biggrin:

    sorry :sad: No idea abou the prices.
  5. ohhhhh....just saw the new cadena.......I don't like it that much......
  6. ohh!! hope we see some pictures soon!
  7. Even tho I really like some of the older styles like the pegasus and the harp, I prefer the new screw closing. The pull back mechanism on the old one is a broken nail waiting to happen:sad:
  8. I only have one so far, but I just love my elephant so much!!!
  9. I have a few charms.

    Sail Boat (PH and GH)
    H Black Enamal with PH
    I just purchased a PH Heart
    I can't find my Harp
    I used to have a lantern but I sold it.
    Have a Red Raspberry leather charm
    Orange leather Lion Charm
    Silver Kelly charm (it's stunning! pretty big too)

    That's it I think

    Charms can run from $235 to $600 even more if they are rare
    In the store they usually start at $235
  10. I'm posting from my Motorola Q so I don't have access to my pix, but somewhere I posted a pic of my charms collection. I have the gold pelican, hippo, elephant, lion, heart, lyre and sunflower and the gold/palladium lantern. Can you tell I love them?
  11. I love the sterling silver ones. I have a watering can that is the love of my life.
  12. Oh yes! The lantern, now that is a real find!
  13. I'd love to find the lantern.
    Right now I have the heart, hippo, lion, pelican, elephant & sailboat.
    Guess I have an animal thing going.
    I like to change them with my whim.

    GF - love your watering can.
  14. Well.....I think I've got pathetically few....

    Just sold Pall. Heart in favor of the gold one, elephant, pegasus, pelican, sailboat and Chain d'Amour.

    I'd chuck a lung though for a Harp or a Lantern...
  15. Thanks Baggaholic and NinjaSue. Of course, that means that now I have something else to add to my very long, long list! I just looked on another thread and saw a number of the cadenas from different years. I think I want the ones from 1999, 2000 and 2003 for the years my boys were born!!! And the heart because it is so nice.

    How hard is it to find the old ones?