Hermes Purples

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  1. Can anyone confirm that the following purples come in the corresponding leathers?

    Raisin: box, togo, clemence
    Violet: Chevre Mysore, Croc
    Violine: Ostrich

    I am really enamored of purples (clear royal purple with out reds that are more a mulberry and without browns raisin has a bit of this...)

    Pictures of Hermes purples are most appreciated...........:heart:
  2. You didn't ask about lizard, but I just saw a violet lizard bearn that has me totally rethinking my non-interest in purple. Simply swoon-worthy. Would be fab in a Kelly or 25cm Birkin...:angel:
  3. Raisin also comes in Cherve de Coromandel, which is currently in very low supply, and available via SO only. And there is also Raisin Epsom. Can't think of anymore, but there could well be more skins in Raisin.

    PS: You may wish to refer to the Colour thread in the reference section. There's a lot of input by many members.
  4. I am so in love with Violet in Mysore... here's a picture of my agenda. It's a hard color to photograph accurately.

  5. Thanks Kallie Girl--thats a beauty!
  6. That is stunning! I adore purple.
  7. Kallie Girl, your agenda is gorgeous!
  8. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!
  9. ^^^ Beautiful:love:
  10. raisin also comes in Epsom, and violet comes in lizard too.
  11. Kallie Girl, your agenda is beautiful! I love the color.
  12. so.............what skin does purple look best in?
  13. I think raisin looks best in box. violet looks great in both croc and lizard
  14. Raisin - best in Box
    Violet - Chevre mysore (not sure if it comes in other non exotics), Croc (Poro or Nilo
  15. I had a dream ...... : Raisin matte croc .....
    I saw a Kelly 35 retourne in raisin matte croc..... Or was it a Birkin ?

    But I just woke up !