Hermes purchases online ?

  1. I want to get a 35 or 40 rouge birkin in togo. Although I'm flexible. :lol: JK. I know what I want. Anyone know of any reputable places to buy Birkins that takes credit cards. :rant: And don't even start talking about ebay.:rant: I don't want to pay 7K to be toting around some firkin:crybaby:
  2. Don't mean to discourage you but I think it would be very hard to get a brand new + genuine Birkin for US$7K.

    I am very new to the Hermes fever but am gaining more and more knowledge through the kind coaching from some very lovely people here, with regard to pricing etc.

    Maybe the experts can advise what is the latest prices for 30 cm or 35 cm Togo Birkin

    And without a doubt, the resellers will sell their priced possessions at a premium (however large or small the mark-up, it varies with different resellers). So that's why you should expect brand new + genuine Birkins to go for more than US$7K (more for the 35 cm, since it is bigger)
  3. Price isn't an issue. I have way more than $7K to spend. I was using that as a ballpark figure for thew fakes I have seen on ebay. But thank you for your timley response and concern for my nievety in terms of what I was going to have to spend. $20K$ isn't an issue. I WANT THIS BIRKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You can try Luxury Zurich
    They can find you one for sure.
  5. Luxury Zurich probably wouldn't take credit cards for a Birkin though. Most resellers only take wire transfers or cash in some form or another. Try MK or Createurs De Luxe as well.
  6. I am the one too literal in interpreting your message. Apologies.
  7. Try flossyfigaro as well. I know she has just gone to Paris (wink wink!) ;) Maybe she will have some treasure soon.
  8. Shopmom ~ May I Ask About Luxury Zurich? I Know She Is A Member Here! Such Beautiful Pieces....I'm Just So Weary Of eBay (For Some Things I Adore It!) For The Prices I Would Pay ~ I Want To Be Careful....If I Need To PM You Or Someone Else On This, I Undeerstand......I Don't Want To Hurt Any Feelings.....Thank You!
  9. :wtf: MK. Que es??
  10. MK = Mightykismet
  11. Createurs De Luxe I've heard, of but what is this mysterious MK you speak of. :wtf:
  12. I bought from them before and it was a great experience and completely painfree. Very friendly, item in immaculate conditions, free shipping.
  13. There was a gorgeous 40 cm off white togo Birkin at Luxury Zurich for about $8K if memory serves from 5 minutes ago. And its mint condish.:yahoo:Not exactly rouge but its also not exactly $20K either.
  14. Hello2703 ~ Oh! Thank You For That Fast Reply (I Should Have Added Anyone Who Could Help!).....You Are Wonderful!!!!! :smile:
  15. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences purchasing from Luxury Zurich! I own two bags I bought from them and a third will be mine soon! They are very fast to reply to any questions and sell only the real thing....shipping is free and FAST!!!!! HTH!!!!!