Hermes purchase price

  1. I'm sure most of you have this knowledge and I'm sorry to repeat the question but I'm new so please forgive me:shame: . I was wondering if it is the same case for H products as it is for LV, that you get the best price when you purchase them in Paris versus other countries. TIA.
  2. I think that is the case for Hermes as well.
  3. Perhaps there are other factors when buying in Paris

    1. Selection is larger, so, it seems like you get a "better/rarer" bag for the price

    2. Prices are in Euror, eg 250 Euros for a scarf which sounds "so much cheaper " LOL than $325

  4. I know the Birkin and Kelly bags are the most sought after it seems. Do a lot of you carry other styles (less expensive)? I've seen that the Birkin & Kelly are in the upper thousand price range. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford a $5,000 purse even though I ADORE THEM!
  5. Hello, Shelley...yes, Hermes does make some beautiful purses and accessories that are less expensive than the Kelly and Birkin styles.

    You might call and inquire about the Hermes Trim, a beautiful shoulder bag style. Another, smaller, shoulder bag is the Berlingot which will run around $2000 or so. Many Hermes lovers have the Picotin bags....they are fabulous and new they will run under $2000.

    Hermes is beautifully well made with the finest leathers by experienced craftsmen. Once you purchase an H piece, Hermes will take it in and repair & refurbish it for a lifetime:idea: