Hermes purchase in Rome!

  1. Collier de chien in palladium and black leather.

    My fiance took me to Rome for Valentine's Day (I'm really lucky to have him!) and I picked this up was we were leaving from the Hermes duty free store at the airport. Great to get Hermes at a discount! :yahoo:

    I can't wait to wear this out! I have the McQueen skull scarf and the Prada animalier tote in silver with a black dragon, so I can look really luxe-punk :p .

    Btw. we stayed around the Spanish Steps and somewhere around there is a store that sells vintage Hermes bags - I only noticed on our last night walking around. There is also a regular Hermes store in the are so perhaps they know exactly where it was.

    Love, Love, Loved Rome. :heart:
    collier_de_chienw.jpg collier_de_chienw2.jpg
  2. Lovely, congrats!
  3. so pretty!!! and he is so romantic!!! Congratulations!!
  4. Looks fab on you! Congrats!!!
  5. Funky!! :jammin:
  6. Rome!! The eternal City!!! Hermes!! Congrats!!:yahoo: :heart:
  7. LUCKY GIRL to go to Rome for VDay!!! How simply romantic!!! CONGRATS on the bracelet!!!
  8. :drool: LoVe the Collier de Chien im dying for a croc one congrats
    I saw the blue and orange and black also trough the hermes window today but
    didn't go in because they close on sundays:crybaby:
  9. Now THAT'S romantic!!!! Rome is my favorite city in Italy!!!!! You are so lucky!!!!
  10. LOVE the collier de chien bracelet!!! hermes duty-free - what heaven! :love:
  11. Congrats !Am off to Rome in2 wks ,woo hoo....:yahoo:
  12. Congratulations! Yes, with skull scarf & prada animalier, yeah, u look funky. i really like the animalier tote. u need 2 post actions pics with the animalier & collier.:yes:
  13. NICE! Congrats! That bracelet is GREAT!
  14. I love it, congratulations!
  15. That bracelet is indeed funky and will look perfect with a nice pair of boots. Rome is beautiful...wish I was there now:supacool: