Hermes present for men

  1. Anyone planning on buying anything from Hermes for Fathers day?
    If so what would you get him from Hermes?

    I don't think Hermes is big on Men's merchandise... besides Neck Ties..
    My husband needs a new wallet, and although he is not a father yet, his birthday is coming up and I was thinking about getting him a wallet from Hermes.

    Anyone know anything about their men's wallets?
    Price range?
    Or should I look elsewhere?

    He currently uses the LV Men's wallet from LV.
  2. A wallet from Hermes sounds fabulous. It becomes more fabulous when you present him with the orange box. Sure his eyes will be enlightened up!

    *Orange boxes sets anyone's heart flutter.......*

    What a sweet wife you are......:love: :love:
  3. to be quite honest (and you all know how much i love hermès) i don´t find their merchandise for men appaeling (only the ties i love) furthermore i know for sure men do not appreciate these things as much as we do and therefore do not take so much care of them ( my exhuxband got a wallet and within a year he needed a new one cause the old one looked like a horrible mess i nearly died that he did (whatever that was :hrmm: ) to a product by hermès :mad:
    my suggestion get him a nice wallet from lv (not monogramm but the leather ones taiga, nomade, utah etc) and perhaps a matching agenda. ;)
  4. Thanks guys...

    Yeah I was thinking about it while going to sleep and figured he'd appreciate a flat screen TV from Bestbuy more than anything from Hermes.

    I'm kind of glad you feel the same way I do about Hermes men's products... in a way justifies that my appreciation for women's Hermes is not merely a pop culture frenzy but a true one
  5. I bought my dh an Hermes giraffe print tie. There is not really anything other than ties that I would purchase for him at Hermes.
  6. They have a great new messenger bag for men in toile an natural veau crisp as well as a fantastic new tote from the Victoria II it in chocolate :smile:

    croc wallet is also great gift...i have the classic model online...have a look...
  7. LZ, are the bags sturdy? if so, they'd make a great gift for my younger brother.
  8. Yeah......especially since now is "The World Cup Fever!" All guys will be glued to the screen leaving us girlz more time to pamper ourselves.:lol:

    I'm supporting Brazil!! :love:
  9. What do you mean with sturdy?
  10. well like lilach's ex, neither my younger brother (nor my DH, for that matter) are exactly careful w/ their bags nor wallets. i.e. they both stuff their wallets into wherever and well my younger brother mostly uses his messenger bag to keep his laptop. but since he's starting to move "up" in the world, i thought it'd be a nice change to see him w/ a "better" bag. i can only imagine the looks he gets whenever he jets fr. santa monica to the bahamas... but i'm not going to bother if it's too delicate and end up getting trashed in a year...:shocked:
  11. Yes go for the messenger bag in toile and natural veau crisp. The canvas is durable and leather gets a great patina... very simple and has the dogon closure and a double flap, plus open inside pocket...and pretty light (without laptop :roflmfao: )
  12. *sigh* i should get "sibling of the year" award! thanks!
  13. How about a beautiful Hermes cashmere muffler, gloves, or if he smokes an exquisite ashtray?
  14. oh- do you have pics? I'm really interested in them, esp. the messenger.