Hermes Post It Notepad Holder

  1. Does Hermes still sell the post it leather holders? Thinking they may make a nice present. Anyone own these? opinions please thanks
  2. Yeah, they still sell them. There are a few in my store last time I was there and my SA showed them to me. Very cute. But I don't have need for something like this.
  3. i love mine!
    its about 170 i think and it is turquoise.
  4. Anyone have a pic of a Hermes post it leather holder to share?
  5. there's a pic in the reference section..small leather goods
  6. [​IMG]
    Here you go.

    This is my one. Very practical if you have use for Post-its. It can also double as a memory card carrier for those who are avid picture takers.
  7. ^^ so cute!!
  8. I agree...very cute.
  9. Ooh...would you happen to have a photo of the interior? Thanks!!!
  10. Memory card carrier...hmmm... that's a thought! But would the memory cards slide out? I found it really cute but couldn't justify the purchase cos I don't use post-its (well, actually I seriously contemplated getting some post-its and somehow use them, until I realise I never will!)
  11. Thank you. Perhaps a peek at the inside?
  12. What size of post it note does it hold? How very curious! And I would also love to see the inside view.
  13. I saw one yesterday. If I'm not mistaken in was swift turquoise.