Hermes Post-It Note Holder

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  1. In preparation for San Fran in February, I was wondering if ya'll could help me out. I've read here that Hermes makes a post-it note holder. The problem is- I don't know what size post-it notes it takes. Can someone help me out plz? Also, What leather does it come in and how much??

    Thanks Gals/Guys!!


    P.S. I'm worried- Do they even make that anymore?
  2. Hey J - It takes the wee little size - they are the cutest thing youever did see...and yes, they still make them!

    Don't know the $$, they come in all sorts of colours....I think the ones I saw were box and either togo or clemence??
  3. I saw them in 2 sizes a few years ago in Boston. I am possibly going to purchase 1 if they are priced within reason. Anybody know the $$?
  4. lemme tell you - they're not priced within reason....LOL...
  5. Can someone post a pic ??

    I'd love to see one:P
  6. I mean 100-200?? For Hermes, that is reasonable. Haha
  7. They still have the 2 sizes....I bought one..and very much 'handy'....but then again.....I love post-its......
  8. I was thinking 200-300 when I meant within reason, lol
  9. hermes still make post it holder.

    PM size :in box around 120 € (PM size in croc around 650 €) :wtf:
    GM size in box 160 €
  10. Thanks Specialist!
    I was just about to message you!
  11. hi all,
    i ran across this thread by chance and saw that some were interested in this cute lil post it holder. i just received one from a coworker as a Christmas gift a few days ago and really have no need for it. so if anyone's interested, i'd be willing to sell it for a significant discount. i have a pretty good rating on ebay and would be willing to put up an auction for it. i can also send pictures. or if you're in the nyc area, i can meet up with u. in any case, just let me know if u r interested.