Hermes Porcelain

  1. Every year, right before my birthday, I like to buy myself something special and open it on my big day. And, I was thinking that maybe this year I buy myself a beautiful Hermes Breakfast Cup and Saucer set since I love drinking my morning coffee in something oversized. Today, in San Fran I gave a quick look at what they had (which was slim) and came home a little dejected because I really didn't see anything I LOVED!

    Is there anyone out there who can share the different Porcelain designs Hermes offers? Maybe if I see one I love I can call around and see if I can order it?

    Thanks, guys.....14-days until 49. Yeech.....I think from now on I'll just stay at.......39!!!!!! :yes:
  2. I love the blue and yellow hermes breakfast mugs and plates, the quality is fantastic. I don't have any pictures handy, but I think you can see it on the site. They are dishwasher proof, and so cherful in the morning!
    mine is "siesta isand"
    I originally saw it in one of the threds on this forum...maybe 2 mo. ago, it may be in the members posessions section.
  3. Thank you, Ava....I'm heading there now.....
  4. D, you may find this helpful:
  5. Ohh, I love this thread! I love china and would love to see the different patterns Hermes offers.

    And D- for your birthday I think you should get a Hermes Martini glass as well (if offered) or perhaps Steuben??? Baccarat??? and don't forget extra olives!
  6. Yes! they have them!:yes:
  7. Or Cristol St. Louis!!:nuts::love:
  8. ^^^Perfect!!! :drinkup:
  9. did you know???? My favorite cocktail.....Dry Gin Martini with three olives in a BIG martini glass! YEAH, BABY!!!!!

    Ok.....I can go with this.....Oversize Hermes Cup and Saucer for the morning coffee. Oversize Steuben Crytal Martini Glass for the evening cocktail hour (or my house).....I like it!!!!!
  10. Also, just came back from the Hermes site and didn't really see anything that rocked my world as far as China goes. But I'm going back to check the Crystal!!!!

    AVA....didn't see your set on-line. I'll bet it's lovely though. You have such great taste!
  11. What a perfect way to celebrate!!!:yahoo:
  12. I know it is burried somewhere on this thread, another member has it too, she inspierd me to get my set. It was somewhere in the "sticky's"
    Maybe there is a way to do a search?:shrugs:
  13. :s No luck on, girls. Nothing. Nada. Niente.

    If anyone can post pics of their little beauties I would really appreciate it.....I just know the perfect set is somewhere out there.......:wlae:
  14. HERMES Siesta Island mug
  15. ^^^^Is this it Avandome?