Hermes Poppy Orange Colour

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  1. Hi! I am hoping to buy a Roulis bag in Orange Poppy colour with Permabrass hardware. I am in my 30s, do u think poppy colour is suitable for my age or the colour is more suitable for people in the 20s? Is this colour also suitable for older ladies and for me years down the road? Thk u for your opinion/comment! :smile:
  2. The color is suitable if you like it. Age don't define that ️
  3. I personally love poppy orange although I only own some small leather goods in that color. I'm also in my 30s but I believe age does not dictate color! You should definitely buy it if you truly love poppy orange~
  4. Buy what you love and what makes you smile when you look at it. Age shouldn't matter. What matters is that you love your new purchase and it brings you joy when you wear it. I love orange poppy and if I wasn't on a Hermes ban, would buy a bolide in this color (I'm in my 40's!)
  5. I would wear OP when I'm 80. I don't care. I love it!
  6. +1000

    Look at older ladies, and I mean 80s, 90s.
    Some older women wear drab, invisible colors.
    Some have bright coats, scarves, a nice lipstick color, like the Advanced Style blog.
    These ladies look happy and vibrant.
    Color lifts no matter how many decades you have lived :shrugs:

    Buy the Poppy if you love it and when you're 90, wear it proudly with a matching lip!
  7. Does anyone have a picture?
  8. Yes go for it
    Anybody can rock
    So long you like it
  9. If you love the colour go for it. The bag design is a classic anyway and you can wear bright colours year round in your country. Don't not let age define your preferences!
  10. A lot of older women like orange poppy!
  11. I think it is a personality thing.....I have a moutarde bag I have never carried. Black--all day long.
  12. I agree, I've seen older ladies in general with bright colors tend to look happier and younger.

    OP, 30 is still very young and you have many many years rocking just about "anything" you like... So no need to hesitate go for it.
  13. #1
  14. Thank you everyone for your opinion! I am more reassured...

    I still look forward for more opinion! :blush:
  15. 30s? You're a baby. It's a attitude. Just go rock it.