Hermes Poll!


Would you pay over retail for a Birkin/HAC/Kelly Bag?

  1. Only if it was my Holy Grail

  2. Only if it were an exotic skin

  3. Yes, it is better than waiting for a year or years

  4. No, but maybe close to retail

  5. No

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  1. As some of you recall, I'm doing a research paper on both Balenciaga and Hermes for my Marketing course.

    I would like to ask one question for Hermes lovers in regards to only Kelly, Birkins, and HACs (this is to keep my paper focused).

    Would you pay over retail for a Birkin/Kelly/HAC?

    Thank you in advance for all your help!
  2. I answered yes, only if it were my Holy Grail, butI also would if it were a hard to find leather or colour in mint condition.

    Good Luck with your research!
  3. I said no but maybe close to retail. This is only because I've had the luck to buy the Kelly/Birkin that I've wanted within a reasonable amount of time directly from the boutique. If I lived in the middle of nowhere, far far away from a boutique - then I may feel vastly different. I just rather get things from the boutique versus pay inflated prices because of impatience.
  4. I would say NO! unless it is really close to retail and something i just HAD to have! These bags are expensive enough that I just can't stomach paying a premium on top of retail- OY! Seriously, I have a stomach ache just thinking of paying some of those markups, especially for exotics!
  5. I would say no as well unless it is just a little bit over retail and it's something that I really have to have and that is hard or impossible to have.
    I have no problem with long wait, but I have problems with feeling I am being taken advantage of by resellers
  6. I am with the no/close to retail group. I have been lucky to have a great SA, and to find some bags from boardies.
  7. For a Holy Grail bag, definitely. It would have to be in mint condition.
  8. I don't think I will pay over retail for a bag. I rather wait and enjoy my current ones, while dreaming for my grail bag. It's really part of the fun....obessing over something I lust.
  9. grail only for me -- for everything else i'm happy with the retail options i have.
  10. Eveyone seems to assume you can get the bag you're waiting for by being patient....but what if the colour/leather you want is discontinued? Then waiting has nothing to do with it.....?
  11. Holy Grail or Bust!
  12. I voted for my Holy Grail--which in Birkin form is a Clemence* Blue Jean with PH. ;)

    --and I've been admiring Kelly's lately. But I still want my first
    H bag to be a Bolide. :smile:

    *or Box. ;)
  13. I picked Yes, it is better than waiting for a year or years only because I am the least patient person in the world! If I want something, I have to have it NOW!:nuts:
  14. Yes. I have done so in past, and might do so in future. Going the all boutique route is just too slow to build up a nice collection of colors and styles and skins. [Not for a VIP, but I'm a nobody.] [And I'm not young.]
  15. Yep - no problem paying a mark-up if it is something I can't find elsewhere.