Hermes policy that I just learned...sigh

  1. For those who don't know, Hermes has some cruel policy, "no birkin sale over the phone", "no birkin transfer from another store to your local H". :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Now I am offically in the sad zone...becoz my local H doesn't have a thing there...
  2. ^^^^ It's all up to your SA.....
  3. True i have had things moved about ....Ps Rose was that a pic of your jumbo cat i want her !
  4. ^^^^no, that cat would eat my dog!! I found that in the animal thread....
  5. i saw that.
    that cat was outrageous.

    on topic - i wonder why they should have this policy specifically for one style of bag... i mean either have the policy or don't, you know.
  6. I have never even had my SA mention that she could/would try to get a bag from another store. And, I've purchased quite a bit from her. I guess you just have to get on the list, and wait it out.
  7. Sorry, lingo - they actually can do it if they want to. One SA offered to sell me anything over the phone (with a regular credit card too, not Amex) and ship it wherever I wanted. Didn't take advantage of that, but it made it very clear that if they want to, they can. Maybe if you give it some time they'll be a little nicer and help you out or you might go to another location. Best of luck.
  8. I do think they are like that with Birkins and Kellys. But probably not with other models. Just because of all the waiting list history and stuff. Canada just put out a super strict policy about Birkins and Kellys, so maybe the US stores are following suit a little bit.

    Plus I think it is so much about your relationship with your SA, and your purchase history. JMHO