Hermes pocket watch style charm

  1. Hey guess what?
    Page 92 of the Harper's Bazaar shows an Hermes pocket watch by special order 1 800 441 4488.:heart:

    Watch out
    Leave it to Hermes to wow us with the hottest Birkin Bag accoutrement. This time around, we're lusting after the pocket watch style charm that you can customize to match your bag. Telling time on the go has never been so fabulous.

    Picture to a few minutes...
  2. Oh no! Another thing to buy for each Birkin bag:roflmfao: They are cute, but I have visions of the thing swinging from the bag and taking a huge hit that cracks the crystal!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. That is so cute (bet it doesn't have a cute price tag).
  5. Oh, I think that is really cute! I likey!!!
  6. Has anyone tried to order one?
  7. I like it, wonder how much they cost. This is when it's great if your collection of bags is all one colour because how else would you chose which colour watch strap to get? Perhaps a contrasting colour to 'go' with everything.
  8. I love it !! That's too adorable.
  9. I think it's adorable!
  10. That is too cute! Any ideas on price?