Hermes pocket squares

  1. I've been looking at purchasing a twilly, but they also have some cute pocket squares online. Can you wear those around your neck, or are they too uncomfortable? I'm looking for cute neck scarves to wear to work, but I don't like the look of big scarves. Thanks.
  2. You can but it's tight. You can purchase a little scarf ring to wear with it and make it easier to tie around your neck.
  3. I agree with Greentea that it's a bit tight. And I thought I had a fat neck! LOL
  4. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll have to try it. I'm new to wearing scarves, and I've just figured out that I should get some scarf rings. :shame:
  5. With the scarf ring it is easier. I found a few mother of pearl scarf rings at an antique store that I have been using. But I do wear my pocket squares most often as headbands. :amuse: