Hermes pocket square: do they make a white colored one?

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  1. I have a couple of Hermes pocket squares (Les Triplets blue and a pink/orange one) but I have never seen a white pocket square, does Hermes carry a white pocket square?

  2. Here is another one:
  3. Rose, when will you actually choose a pocket square over a full sized 90 x 90 scarf?
  4. oops, ignore:shame:
  5. Rose, where are you finding these pocket squares? They aren't on (or are they?).

  6. I have not got the hang of wearing full size scarves, so I always wear either pocket squares or plisses. I am cosidering trying a full size scarf and have my eye on one. However, I find the pochettes so easy to wear and I love wearing them with pochette rings. I love the look and will probably always be a pochette girl.
  7. They are on the French H site.
  8. Oooohhh. I want to change my name to Pochette Girl.
  9. There are several white pocket squares available, though I have yet to see one in my store.
  10. are the items available on the french site also available in the US boutiques? does europe get different inventory?
  11. I bought this one (Plumes) at the SF store recently. :love:
  12. [​IMG]

    my pocket square hasn't seen daylight for needs to come out and play.
  13. That particular one was available in Vegas when I was there early Dec.
  14. crochetbella, sorry I can't see your picture..... :sad: