Hermes Picturebook of Casual Croccentricities

  1. Can croc go casual? I like to think so, but for whatever reason croc bags seem to be often relegated to dressy, if not formal occasions.

    There are some who feel that croc can only be casual.

    These days that seems to be an
    extreme. And personally I've decided that I'd like to get into the habit of wearing croc more often in casual situations, so it feels more like an extension of self rather than a statement piece. (Besides, they're pretty, and it's nice to see them out and about!) But... how to wear it casually? That's where you all come in.

    If you would like to share pics of you sportingly sporting your croc, please post them here!

    Hopefully your pics will encourage and inspire those of us with crocs in our closets to take them for a much deserved spin around the block (as it seems a shame to have a craftsman spend many a long and painstaking hour working with such a rarity only to let it languish on a shelf or in a drawer).

    To get the ball rolling, here's a recent pic taken before a lunch uptown with friends.



    -- Anne Fontaine shirt
    -- R&R jeans
    -- bleu brighton croc H belt
    -- bleu roi croc kelly 28

  2. I must avert my eyes....I think I'm going to melt from the sheer beauty of the Bleu Roi croc! STUNNING!

    I hope to contribute one day when my order (in Miel) comes in. Weather permitting, I hope I'll have the guts to do as Ms. Dariaux says and really use it. GREAT thread idea Gina!
  3. Gina - GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
  4. Gina!!!
    That Brighton blue, Bleu roi combo is marvellous!
    ...and you look beautiful :flowers:.

    Blue exotics are my favourites.
    Thanks for starting this thread! Unfortunately I am falling asleep right now ;),
    but will contribute pics of me & casual croc by tomorrow...
  5. Your blue croc is stunning and you are right that all exotics should be pulled out and used with jeans and other casual attire.
  6. Stunning!!!

    I am not a croc girl myself, but this is so splendid...

    ITA that since the croc made the ultimate sacrifice, and the craftsman toiled over the creation, the bags should be used and enjoyed!

    Great thread!!!


    will have to see what did i wear with my kelly last time and re-create it one more time for some action!
  8. I also ran across something recently in Tim Gunn's Guide to Quality, Taste & Style that made me think of the limitations of wearing a 'dressier than normal' bag in everyday situations.

    (Here my Inner Lit Geek has to say, god I love Tim Gunn!)

    Okay, not that we're all trying to demoralize our own personal Ruthies when we dress, but Gunn raises an important point that when carrying an expensive accessory, what are the limits to how casual the wearer can go?

    Just one of the things I'd like to throw out there.

    It's also one of the things I know I'll be keeping in mind every time I sling on a croc bag for instance. It's one thing to pad out of the house with Converse shoes and a togo birkin (not that I have), but I think attaining some sort of aesthetic equilibrium in a casual ensemble that includes a croc bag (or perhaps other item), gets a bit trickier.

    (Or maybe it's just me. :shrugs: )
  9. Thanks, pazt. I think we'd all definitely love to see that!!!

    ETA: Thanks, all! I can't wait to see yours!

    Tenshi, sleep well. Looking forward to those belts of yours that I've been drooling over!
  10. THUD!!!!!
  11. Last time I wore my croc Kelly I was wearing a navy blazer , muticolor striped Facconable shirt, navy lightweight gab pant and gold (courchevel type leather) Tod's penny loafer. Was out for DH's birthday lunch in Newport Beach. Right before that was for a dinner in BH and wore itwith black wool Armani dress and Jimmy Choo ankle strap suede heels. So totally different looks! I don't think Tim would shoot me LOL!
  12. Shoot you? Far from it, GK - he'd probably take you to his classes as the perfect example of Quality Taste & Style!

    Just wanted to slot these pics of Elle here, posted by H_addict on the Stars and Hermes thread. As far as Casual Croc Chic (CCC) goes, this is just perfection IMHO. Nothing really quite matches, but it doesn't have to.


  13. Hmm.

    Just doing a little more surfing while dinner is in the oven... and I find that I'm on the fence about this one:


    I'm not sure about the canvas strap on a croc kelly. It's practical. And undoubtedly casual. But I wonder if Tim Gunn might explode.
  14. u look stunning with the blue roi croc gina!!!!!!! marvelous!!!!!

    I love this thread, croc to me is always quite uptight. I hope to see more Casual Croc Chic!!!!!!!!!
  15. Gina, your croc is Gorgeous. I wish I had something to contribute to this thread, but I have no croc. I do have ostrich and I usally pair her with jeans and sassy top. I do dream of croc one day

    You start the best threads