Hermes Picasso Birkin..

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  1. Browsing around...and I found this...Picasso Birkin is the only way I'd explain it..


    :suspiciou Not in my taste...from
  2. :sick: :sick: :sad2:
  3. Wow, that is really an "interesting" bag. Although I scrolled through the products, I couldn't find this listing. How much are they actually asking for this bag?

    But I did find this Hermes coat -- I know some of the ladies have a scarf in the Hermes ribbon motif.... (The coat may be a bit over the top....):lol:

  4. They said 5k for the "Picasso" Birkin, and 6.5K for the Birkin?
  5. Yikes -- 5K for the Picasso Birkin. That thing is vintage right? It looks like something out of the (bad) 80's.... :amazed:
  6. EEEWWWWWW :sad:
  7. WTF!:sick:
  8. It looks so weird. Not a fan.
  9. LOL, more like a Salvador Dali Birkin!

    If I remember correctly, it's called the "Himalaya" bag. Looks like a craftsman took a bunch of leather scraps and put it together!
  10. HAHAHAHA! That bag is funky!
    The coat is too much for me, as well. I love orange Bolduc on scarves and pochettes but not on many other things.
  11. Now there's a Birkin for Courtney Love!:wacko:
  12. There is something out there for everyone!
  13. Huh?:huh:
  14. Huh?:huh:
  15. Looks more like "Attack of the Giant Picasso Kelly"!
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