Hermes pet peeves?

  1. I hope I am not insulting anyone to say this, but ...

    It bugs me when people carry their evelyne bags with the "H" facing out. I was told that these bags were created as stable bags and the "H" was used for ventilation. The proper way to carry them is with the "H" facing in and the plain side facing out. When I see people carry them with the "H" out I feel like they just want everyone to know they are carrying an hermes bag.

    Does anyone else have any pet peeves?
  2. I personally don't like batwings on Birkins, some love it and swear by them, personal preference i guess. To me they make you look sloppy, and give that rolled out of bed look. But its not a biggie.

    I don't know if this counts but its a personal thing that i only wear white metal, so i only buy H things withe P or R h/w. I like the look of gold and can appreciate it on others but just not for me.
  3. I don't like it when people where their H scarves and flaunt the "Hermes" marking. Like "look at me, I have an H scarf." :cursing:

    Most scarf wearers won't do it. Unless, of course, they are going for a certain pattern on the scarf and that's the only way to achieve it.

    The other thing that annoys me is that when two people pass, both wearing a lovely H scarf (or bag, etc.), neither will acknowledge the other. What's the point?! :huh: There are SOOOO many people who love and enjoy Hermes, you are bound to run into a few.

    But, maybe that's just me...
  4. Oh, interesting. I must have read this somewhere on the board, but I have forgotten.

    I must admit that I wear it with the "H" facing out, but just because I didn't know better (or didn't reacall) and other "brand" bags usually do have the "logo" facing outwards.

    However, given the location of snap, now that I think about it, it makes sense that the "H" side is the backside.
  5. just adding a few more, these aren't huge issues i cna def. deal with them but its just personal preference:

    I dont like the look of an open birkin or kelly, its ok if the birkin has its flap inside. But to me i like the straps fastened neatly. its not practical for sure, i am talking from a vogue editorial POV, but its just me.

    Dont like logo clashes (or multiple logos) I dont think one should wear more that 2 H logos in a single outfit. maybe 3 if we are talking small H's on cuff links or gloves. I also dont like most monograms with H items (esp, the pieces with an H teamed with gucci) although goyard is an exception, maybe it because its not so famous.

    I absolutely HATE anyone that has attitude because they carry H (or any other designer for that matter) Saw a woman with the most fab, croc birkin, but overhearing her conversation with the SA i was appalled.
    She was telling him about her friend who wears vuitton and it wasn't good enough and she wanted to take them to H to 'they could get a real bag'
  6. ^^NM, I'm with ya. I loathe those arrogant ladies who think that they are all and mighty just because they are carrying Birkin Bags. I know that Birkins are hard (or maybe not so anymore) to get but hey ... They don't have the right to look down on people who own or carry non-Hermes bags.
  7. I had to really think about this one.....

    Being a jewelry lover I feel that Hermes fine jewelry is often overlooked here on TPF. In fact, I have seen only a couple of posts on the forum about it. Perhaps Hermes needs to expand their fine jewelry selections and promote them more here in the states. After all, how can we appreciate something we so seldom see or hear about??

    Perhaps, too, many of us have more of a handbag passion than a passion for Hermes fine jewelry? I would almost always rather have a new gold piece of jewelry than a handbag anyday. But, then, I'm older than many members here, semi retired with not as much of a need for a lot of bags/accessories although the sight of a 25cm Kelly in niloticus recently, did get my heart racing!!
  8. isus i think people also have a problem with the price point of jewelry. H jewelery items are very expensive, and some are very simple in design. And i would agree most people here are bag lovers. I not in a position to buy almost any designer jewelry, but if i was i would prefer to shop at a house which is renowned for their jewelry i.e VC&A or HW. I like to go for the best of the best. therefor for leather goods its H, and others fall in place. Not to say i dont break these rules, but i use them as a guide.
  9. perfectly said. i looove joaillerie (as some may know) but the prices of h is something i can not justify for what it is. i have no problem buying from moussaieff, leviev, graff,vca ,chopard and the likes but for H spending 100K on a pavé ring is beyond justification for what essentially is precious costume jewellery (but that also goes for gucci or bottega joaillerie) the only exception maybe is dior joaillerie as they are truly unique statement pieces. also i am not sure how H jewelry holds its value compared to "real" jewelry brands. so for me the only diamonds i would buy from h are the ones on the bags even though they are also priced beyond rediculous at least it is something special original H and has to do with taking leathergoods a step beyond by giving armcandy a whole new meaning. but that is only me and my taste/opinion and i can understand others who disagree

    ontopic: no pet peeves well i am not too fond of the birkin overexposure but other then that i don´t care what other do with their posessions i am simply not in the position to judge since it was not me who paid for them
  10. I LOVE it!!!! :tup::heart:
  11. I have heard this before too, so I have tried my evelyne both ways. Truthfully, though, I find the pocket more comfortable close to my body because I would rather other people not have easy access to my phone or whatever I have in it. Imposing a "rule" about how it is carried seems a bit silly to me.:shrugs:

    Personally, I don't care how people carry their bags -- they bought them and should use them in a way that makes them happy.:yes:
  12. Re: Hermes jewelry

    Naughty and Lilach have expressed it well. Hermes jewelry is very nice but it's at the same price point as Cartier and VC&A, if not more and I'll much rather get some of their (Cartier, VC&A, or Bulgari) more iconic pieces with the history behind it for the same amount of money
  13. The first and only time I saw H fine jewelry was last month at Wall Street. I loved an orange croc bracelet with gold hardware, very simple, a cuff with a gold sort of hook closure. It was nearly $4k, which just seemed too much for what it was, even given that it's H. I have a rather large collection of the leather jewelry, which is probably as ridiculous in a lower price range, but H leather somehow sings to me, while the fine jewelry just didn't.

    BACK TO TOPIC:I guess my only two pet peeves with Hermes are when I find out my SA's didn't tell me about something in the back. ( I would never confront him/her, but I just wonder about all the possible reasons they would hold out on me...) AND

    Even though I understand the reasons, it really bothers me that I can't get exactly the bag I want in the leather and exact color I want. Basically, all barenia bags in "regular" sizes and the ever elusive vert bronze.
  14. People who are proud to carry fakes! If H is not in your price range, carry another real bag. I met a woman who had a Croc Birkin, she was proud to tell me that it was a fake, and she didn't seem to know it was Hermes inspired!

    and I dislike bag snobs like the one naughtymanolo mentioned in her post.
  15. Hermes raising their prices periodically just because they can.
    That peeves me.
    If you SO a bag, you have no idea how much it will cost.