Hermes Perfumes!

  1. (kinda long post)

    When I lived abroad in Paris, as a young girl just coming into her own at 19, all the chic French ladies around me convinced me I was not yet a woman until I had a signature scent! So I embarked on a many months long mission to find something beautiful, classic. Me.

    I finally settled on 2 - the very classic Chanel No5, and the avant garde Le Roy Soleil by Salvador Dali. I actually invited all my friends over for a little party and my friends were all sweet enough to smell each wrist! They were no help, all said they were both lovely for different reasons.

    I ended up choosing the Dali. I bought the biggest bottle and I could find before leaving to return to the states. Little did I know, I had chosen his most exclusive scent and spent every year since then ordering it from the Salvador Dali Musee in Paris or eventually online, when that market opened up.

    They just discontinued it. :crybaby:

    Or rather, months ago they did. The whole world seems sold out of my signature scent, the perfume I have worn since I began wearing perfume!

    I have worn this more or less every day. I have others (how could a woman not?) but none I can consider my signature scent.

    My question is this: do I go around, hoarding the stuff (it unfortunately can evaporate in the bottle easily, it's known for it) hoping to stave off the day when I can no longer wear it, or do I start my search all over again in a place very special to me - Hermes, quintessentially French, a fond reminder of that time in my life?

    I am so different from that little girl that first started wearing it, maybe it is time to find another...

    Sorry for the long post! I was a little surprised how affected I was last night when I could no longer find my little piece of Paris!
  2. Angelfish, start all over again. A change is nice sometimes. I find that if one uses the same perfume over a long stretch of time, one grows immune to it, and the enjoyment of the fragrance is zero anyway. How about popping into your H store and pick up sample tubes of H perfumes and take your time to decide?
  3. I´m with mrssparkles exactly, find your new you-scent from H!
  4. I also vote for new scent!
  5. Maybe it's fate, I guess... I have been drawn to their colognes since I started visiting but didn't want to "cheat" on my Salvador Dali LoL

    Funny thing is, once after I came home from casually trying a couple on, my DH kept sniffing the dog! Then walking around the room, he came to me! LoL he said wow, you and the dog smell like a GUY and I laughed and got the shopping bag from my closet with the paper samples in it. He smelled them all and said these smell niiiice until he came to the one he thought was a guy scent and paused.

    Don't get this one he said and laughed.

    Course, he threw it back on the stack so I have no idea which one it was! :shrugs:
  6. Have fun finding another one! Also keep in mind that your body chemistry does change so different scents might smell good on you that didn't before.

    I use the eau marveilles during the summer and get a lot of positive comments. When it is not so hot out I use either 24 Faubourg or Chanel Coco. Great scents. I buy from the online perfume discounters as you save a lot and yes, the perfumes are real.
  7. Don't limit yourself just to H fragrance!

    Oh, put some coffee beans in a ziploc and carry them with you when you shop for scents. Take a sniff of the beans in between each smelling of fragrance!!!

    Good Luck.
  8. Oh, I'm so sorry about your scent; maybe it is time to change. I LOVE Gucci Envy for Men, Bulgari eau parfumee Amirage by Givenchy. Good luck; this will be fun, really.
  9. Yeah get some same vials from your store (it took me a while to find which i liked most and worked for me) with the Hermessence range you can layer them to get unique scents (i dont know if it can be done with the other range) Im actually working on getting rid of my other fragrances so i can have 3 only H (Terre, Kelly Calache (depending if i like it IRL, but i have a feeling i will) and Vertier Tonka)
  10. it's time for a new scent...the H SAs are very good about giving sample vials...this helped me to decide on one:happydance:
  11. Hi I am sure there are a few threads on the beauty section regarding scents people love and get asked about, you could look there and read about some scents you have not considered!x
  12. Angelfish I love the story of how you found your scent and it will be hard to give it up. There's no point hoarding it, as I'm sure you know that scent will "sour" or go off.

    The Hermessence is so lovely I'm sure you would have fun layering and experimenting until you find something you like. A "signature mix" if you will.

    Let's know what you decide :flowers: