Hermes Perfume

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  1. Due to a very generous SA:yes: I have a bunch of perfume samples. Since I don't wear any Hermes Scents they are just not for me perhaps one of you ladies would like them.

    Just reply to this thread and my DH will randomly pick a number at 10:00 pm cst.
    I will then mail them off to you to enjoy.:heart:
    PErfume Samples (3).JPG
  2. I would love to try the hermes perfume. Please put me in for the drawing. Thanks
  3. Fantastic haul! So nice of you:heart: Would love to smell 24 faubourg!
  4. Please put my name in the draw! Thank you!!
  5. Please put me in the draw- thanks so much!
  6. Everything else H I can get to see on the forum since I live quite far from a store. Perfume is something I can only imagine from the descriptions on the website so I'd love to smell them!
  7. Put my name too:yes:. I love the samples, it's a great size to keep in the purse.
  8. WOW! Sign me up! :smile:
  9. me too pls.....i love small perfume samples to bring around. :yes:
  10. OOhhh I love them! 10 10 10 10 10, please pick 10, Mr. Amamxr! LOL

    Thanks so much for offering them this way, J--these little raffles are such fun. :heart:
  11. I'd love them too! Aren't you sweet!
  12. Wow, what a haul!! Please add me to the drawing. Thank you so much. You are so generous!
  13. please add me to the drawing. I'd love to win these. thanks, Loren
  14. COME ON number 14! Daddy's got BO!

    Thanks so much for this your so kind!
  15. me too please...thanks so much! :heart: