Hermes Perfume -- what is your favorite

  1. As I posted in another thread, I went to Hermes today. I sampled some of the perfumes/colognes and fell in love with a scent that has the word "rose" in it. Can somebody help me with the name?

    Also would love to hear what your favorite Hermes scent is.

    (do you notice that all Hermes boutique have that same lovely scent?!):flowers: :flowers:
  2. Rose Ikebena (sp?)

    My signature scent is Un Jardin sur le Nil. So fresh...and a happy scent!
  3. yes, that's what it was! thanks, greentea!
  4. Rose Ikebana!

    I really want them to make it in EDP though.
  5. My current favorite is Un Jardin Sur le Nil. I also love Un Jardin en Mediterrannee. I like Rose Ikebana too but I'm not crazy about it. The rest of Hermes' fragrances are too strong for me.
  6. Rose Ikebana for me too!!!

    I love it and I especially like how Hermès makes the little spray bottles with the dustbag so you can put the perfume in your handbag!
  7. I love Merveilles perfume and body lotion.

  8. Eau des Merveilles and 24 Faubourg are my favorites.
  9. I just bought a bottle of Merveilles and I love it!
  10. You ladies smell so sweet...I am so sure!
  11. Eau des Merveilles, Doblis, and Caleche Eau Delicate! Actually, I'm a big fan of almost all the Hermes fragrances! Love the new men's Terre de Hermes too! :love:
  12. Not sure if I have a favorite yet, but I'm loving the Rose Ikebana sample I got when I bought my plume!
  13. Caleche. Does that date me? I love vetiver notes.
  14. 24 Faubourg - again a compliment today! Love those....
  15. Have you tried Caleche Eau Delicat? It's light and very floral. It's one of my faves!!!:yes: