Hermes patents - Interesting webpage found

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  1. I think you are exactly right! I haven't seen this leather I don't think. It seems a little similar to Epsom?
  2. That is beyond super cool! In the spirit of that does anyone have or know of a good book that covers the history of the brand? I have been looking for one because I love knowing the story and the people behind the products. It makes me appreciate them that much more.
  3. Yes, they're both embossed.
  4. There's certainly some interesting reading there. Thanks OP for bumping this up! :tup:
  5. Hermes Nuttynut, thanks for finding and sharing this incredibly fascinating link ! I'm plunged into this with passion ! And please apologize for my mistake crediting this thread to Chestnutty instead of you in cotonblanc Martin Margiela thread, soooo sorry about this ... :shame::shame::shame:
  6. No problem! It's easy to confuse nutty people!
  7. Huhuhuhu, it seems that I'm possibly the nuttiest one, in this case... but anyway, and once again, thank you for your utmost interesting search ! :biggrin:
  8. Oh!:amazed: