Hermes patents - Interesting webpage found

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  1. WOW interesting. i wish that we could see the patents for things not out in the stores yet!
  2. Cool!!!
  3. Interesting link! Thanks. Funny that the Medor clutch (sp? I think its the Medor) person also designed bags for Celine
  4. thank you for sharing :tup:
  5. Thanks
  6. That was a very interesting link. Thank you for posting.
  7. Very interesting link, HermesNuttyNut, thank you for posting! :flowers:

    You are right about who invented the Bolide and why lilyhermes. Only he was a Hermès, not a Dumas. Jean-Louis DUMAS' grandfather was Émile-Maurice HERMÈS. It was also him, who brought the zipper to France, after a trip to America. Hermès held the french patent for the zipper for two years. The name Dumas came later to the family, when Émile-Maurice's daughter married Robert DUMAS.
  8. Fascinating! Thank you so much for the link.
  9. this is great info! thank you Hermes Nuttynut
  10. You're welcome!
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    It looks like Graine d'H. See the black one in this link.'H