Hermes patents - Interesting webpage found

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  1. I think the Dumas that invented the Bolide must have been Jean-Louis' grandfather, perhaps. I know that Mr. Dumas designed it specifically for his wife, who confronted with traveling by car, was concerned about what kind of bag she should use. It was originally called the Bugatti, but the name had to be changed once Bugatti threatened a lawsuit. I believe that it was the first handbag to incorporate a zipper as the main closure too.
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    I really enjoyed this and could have spent way too much time fooling around on it. I did find the drawings for the Paris Bombay and saw an interesting handbag design that hasn't appeared yet. Click on the link "handbag - January 1, 2008." It looks like it has gathering along the top of the frame. Wonder if this one will be showing up in a couple of years?

    Thanks for posting your find, Nutty.
  3. Ooooh, Hermes Nuttynut, this was really cool! I just browsed the page and looked at all the different designs... Thank you so much for sharing! :tup:
  4. To me too, sumisu. He was a great spokesperson for the brand and a very savvy businessman and so debonair and charming - a miniature Maurice Chevalier.

    I think he truly valued his customers, as well. I wrote Hermes back in 1999 after I bought my first H bag, extolling the virtues of my Kelly. I was so excited about it and just wanted to personally thank someone for creating something so lovely. I addressed the letter to him and mailed it off and forgot all about it. About a month passed, and a letter arrived from Paris. He explained that he had been busy traveling and apologized for not answering sooner and then went on to thank me for my admiration for my new Kelly and for Hermes.

    I've kept his letter to this day. I probably always will.

  5. Wow! Incredible!! What a wonderful story!
  6. Wow, what a story, lilyhermes! Now THAT is class and appreciation. Thank you for telling us about such a wonderful exchange!
  7. :yes:

    Merci beaucoup for posting this page. It's very interesting. :tup:
  8. That is excellent! I've always wanted to write to the craftsman that made my first Birkin, I would want to know my work is being appreciated! Do you think they'll pass the letter on?:shrugs:
  9. I don't honestly know, periogirl. It certainly would be nice to think so, but I didn't include my receipt or list the craftsman ID, so I doubt the maker of my Kelly got a personal thank you from Mr. Dumas-Hermes on my behalf, but I'm sure that "love letters" to Hermes are shared with the departments involved, or at least . . . I hope they are!
  10. You're most welcome BlueGenes (and Julide, too). I should figure out a way to post it on the Forum and share it with those who are intrigued.

    I can tell you one thing, though. As you can imagine, Mr. Dumas-Hermes used very classy Hermes executive stationery!
  11. Thanks so much for sharing this link!
    Very interesting and I really enjoyed it :flowers:
  12. HN, thanks for sharing. :smile:
  13. Now that is very interesting :o)
  14. DUH...I thought they were announcing some new patent leathers!:nuts: