Hermes patents - Interesting webpage found

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  1. While googling "Hermes Sellier", I found this very interesting page. If you click the links under the heading "Title of Patent", there are drawings included AND the inventor's (designer's) names. I thought you all would appreciate it:
  2. Very cool - thanks!
  3. Thanks for the link:smile:
  4. This is interesting!! Thanks! :tup:
  5. oh. I didn't know Jean-Louis Dumas invents bags. I thought he just... oversees.

    Nice link. thanks.
  6. Often with patents, it is the CEO or a senior exec who is listed as the designer/inventor. I know it is this way for vintage jewelry pieces.
  7. makes sense because the patent should belong to the company. thanks.
  8. Not anymore. He retired due to health issues. During his time he was the ultimate; every Christmas Eve sat at the desk near the entrance of FSH and said thank you to the customers. To me he is the personification of Hermès. Best quote I ever read from him was something to the effect that customers should not be head-to-toe Hermès, but just a touch for flair and elegance! Hermès is different to me now.:crybaby:
  9. Too cool!
    Mr Dumas invented quite a lot of things and also designed some scarves AFAIK.
  10. Anyone found who invented the Lindy yet? THAT is a cool design. I think an Indian gentleman did the Paris- Bombay.
  11. Very cool link. Thank you for posting
  12. Fantastic!!!! Thank you so much for posting!!!!
  13. You're welcome, everybody!! It's my pleasure!!:okay: