Hermes passport cover?

  1. hi ladies,

    does any see the passport covers from hermes?
    as i am travelling much i thought i would change my LV for a Hermes.but it seems a bit unpractical...
    or should i carry it in the dogon???
    looking forward to hear your opinions!

    have a lovely H-day!:yes:
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  2. An Hermes Passport cover is my next purchase!!!

    They have the envelope-shaped ones (this I don't want) and they have a lovely one that sort of has a corner missing (saw a pic only once), ca. 250 Euros.

    My passport looks as if the dog had eaten it and I am getting a brand spanking new one for 2007. Gotta make sure it travels in style from now on!
  3. hello,

    you have 2 collections :
    - MC 2 porte passeport : available in veau Epsom. it's cover your all passport. But it's expensive something like 340 € in paris.
    - Tarmac : available in 2 sizes (PM and GM) with a pressure button. You have to slide your passeport inside. It comes in chevre mysore. 130 €

    Or you can buy a Agenda Cover GM size simple one (with out loops) around 220 € (except exotic leather of course) . It fit very well with a passeport. Or you have the GM zip, very pratical and you can put inside some credits cards .
  4. Ah SiP, you always have tip-top information about stuff :flowers: I didn't know that but I might look into the Tarmac one as a replacement for my passport cover (leather is a bit dingy after a few years banging around in my bag)
  5. this one i saw,the missing corner one:smile:
    i would like to have one like an agenda!
    travel in style!!!!i leave tomorrow for austria and italy....
  6. Sip,great infos!
    the GM zip sounds like something for me!!!!
    do you know how much is for that one?
    i always carry my frequent flyer cards it would be great to have them together!!!
  7. Thanks SiP!!! The Tarmac is the one I want! Vienna, here I come!!!
  8. Maybe this one from LuxuryZurich eBay: 3606 auth Hermes vert amande Agenda Simple GM (item 150026373691 end time Sep-26-06 12:30:00 PDT) Looks really good.

    And how about a lovely croc one eBay: 3439 auth Hermes blue jean CROCODILE Agenda Simple GM (item 150026373384 end time Sep-26-06 12:30:00 PDT)
    That's what I call travelling with style :P

    Looks like LuxuryZurich have quite a lot of Agenda Simple Cover GM, however I do not like the fact that many of them are marked with an S... Simply because I know I didn't get the benefit of that sale... :graucho:
  9. Around 550 € for a GM zip.
    Comes in Chevre mysore / box / barénia / ostrich / lezard/ croc/ veau rodeo/ veau eversoft ...

    the GM is very pratical, it protect your passeport, yout credits card or flying cards ;) . and if you don't need the diary, put a blank pad. Ideal to put somes notes ;)
  10. Hello2703,

    when do you gonna be in vienna????
  11. October 11! Will you still be there then???
  12. 11th of oct???maybe....i will be there from tomorrow....
  13. Will you have online access? Perhaps we could meet! That would be sooo cool! I am going there on a business trip.
  14. online access always!would be great to meet up!keep in touch!
  15. Anyone have a picture of or link to this GM zip?