Hermes Parures De Samourais 140cm CSGM - Blue Ciel/Caban/Salmon

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  1. Good luck Padma!

    One of my favs!
  2. Thank you ! I find the colors at quite hard to match, I thought blue should be easy??:confused1:
  3. Which CW is yours? I couldn’t access your listing - I love PoDS so wanted to wish you the best!

    I got the CW06? which is predominantly blue with a very muted grey and mauve and I found it matches with lots of my dark wardrobes.
  4. Mine (pics from google):

    Is yours one with the orange accents?

    Attached Files:

  5. I found it now Padma (from your GGDB listing) :smile:
  6. Mine is colorway 5, it is the brighter blue with orange and white
  7. SOLD!